We were captivated when this beautiful portrait session by Irish photographer Katie Kavanagh landed in our inbox. Katie embarked last year on the trip of a lifetime, taking off one day from home to visit Dubai and Thailand before ending up in Melbourne Australia. Today’s portrait session was captured in the You Yang mountain range just outside Melbourne, on a sunny Sunday morning just after dawn before the hikers arrived. The session was organised on a shoestring budget and it just shows what a good photographer can do- you really don’t need much. The bouquet was DIY and the dress from a thrift store, and although the session has the lovely delicate feel of film photography, it was actually shot in digital and edited to look like film. More from Katie below about her trip!

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“My boyfriend asked me one day out of the blue if I wanted to go live somewhere else for a while. We were living in Waterford at the time and to be honest, I was bored of my life and fancied a change. I thought he meant moving back up to Dublin- closer to my family would be great- but no, he meant further afield. He didn’t mind where but was in the mood for an adventure. My two best friends live in Melbourne, so what better way to spend the start of your 30s but in sunny Australia… 17,000 kilometers away from my family?!  

We planned the trip, stopping in Dubai for five days to visit a friend and see the city, then on to Thailand to travel around for a month. I’d like to say we backpacked, but we didn’t (we had backpacks if that counts!) We stayed in some dodgy hostels, some stunning hotels and some amazing resorts. Being on the islands was the most relaxed I have ever been- I usually have trouble falling asleep but not in Thailand- it might have been the heat, the cocktails or possibly the fact that I had a full month off work. After Thailand, we arrived in Perth to spend Christmas with friends before heading off for Melbourne.
Melbourne is such a cool city. We thought we’d use it as a base and travel around, and we have, but not as much as we should. Every weekend there is something on, from a sausage dog race to a giant water-slide, barbecue and chilli festivals, there’s always something to do. It’s a very cosmopolitan city but has the feel of a small one because it’s so easy to get around. From my third day here, I’ve been second shooting with an amazing photographer, Nada from Love Is Sweet Photography. I’ve shot beach weddings, vineyard weddings and I’ll be shooting my first same sex wedding with her at the end of the month. I’ve learned so much from her over the last couple of months, as well as undertaking a thirty day wedding photography course with Jasmine Star and a one day workshop with Jesh De Rox, learning his beloved technique. To say I’m RARING to get home and start shooting on my own again is an understatement. I’m absolutely itching to shoot, as well as being completely bitten by the travel bug, so I want to get in to more destination weddings to combine my two loves!” 

Photography: Katie Kav Photography | Model: Aoife

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