This lovely whimsical styled shoot was set on the grounds of Castello Vicarello in Italy’s Tuscan countryside. The images were captured in film by Cinzia Bruschini and the session was styled by Chiara Sernesu from Weddings in Tuscany. Chiara’s rustic wedding table was set with mismatched vintage china, delicate gold glasses, laurel wreath place settings, garland napkin ties and eclectic candle holders. The magnificent wild floral centerpiece consisted of roses, protea, alstroemeria, clematis, solidago, ranunculus and Hypericum ivy. Woodland elements such as peacock and pheasant feathers, laurel and olive leaves were brought in as well as more greenery in the form of potted succulents. The centerpiece along with the bridal bouquet and beautiful floral crown were designed by Nel Giardino Di Giulia. A simple but elegant gown from Otaduy was chosen to ensure focus didn’t stray from the bride’s natural beauty and the lovely castle setting.

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Photography: Cinzia Bruschini // Planning & Styling: Weddings in Tuscany // Venue: Castello Vicarello // Florals: Nel Giardino Di Giulia // Dress: Otaduy // Tableware: La Maison

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  1. Catharine Noble Photography

    I love the colours of Tuscany and of this beautiful shoot! The delicious greensof foliage, the creamy coloured stone and the burnt orange walls – such beautiful details and backdrops for weddings!


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