The Fly Away Bride good luck held out towards the end of last year when Rodolphe from Best Day Productions said “yes” to our proposal to video our two styled wedding photoshoots in France. And so we journeyed to Paris with our prestigious passenger (who ended up being our driver!) and let me tell you, we absolutely cannot wait to share the videos from both of these shoots. Yes, we have seen them, and they have wildly exceeded our expectations! But today we want to take this chance to introduce you to the fantastic Best Day Productions and tell you about their artistic wedding cinematography service. As you can probably tell, we highly recommend them. And now a little Q & A with Rodolphe, and a few examples of his work:

Can you tell us a little bit about Best Day Productions and what you offer?

I am a cinematographer specialising in weddings. I try to take a different approach when capturing the special moments at each wedding. At some part of the day, I allow myself to experiment or improvise a little with new techniques and materials. My aim is to give each film a unique identity rather than produce a stereotypical wedding film.

What is your approach to capturing weddings and what is your preferred style?

I generally take two approaches when filming. For the morning preparations, spending time with the bride and groom, I take a documentary style approach whereas I have the opportunity to use a more visual, artistic approach when capturing the photo session and reception.

We can go dancing from best day productions on Vimeo.

We can go dancing from best day productions on Vimeo.

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to work in?

I am based in Ireland. Hence most of my weddings are dotted throughout the country. Having said that I am available for  international weddings also. In recent times, I have had the opportunity to film in France, Portugal and Spain and this year I am looking forward to filming for the first time in the States.

Do you have any tips for couples on how to get the most from their wedding videography?

I would recommend to each couple meet their videographer to discuss their plans and also to make sure that they feel at ease with him/her. After all, they are going to spend 12-14 hours of their wedding day with that person. On the day itself, the best advice is to be yourself and smile. With last minute planning, the lead up to the big day can be quite stressful and there is nearly always something that doesn’t go according to plan but these are only small hiccups. Every couple should enjoy the day to the full.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a destination wedding?

I estimate that about 30% of my customers who get married in Ireland live abroad. Most of these couples have a wedding planner who is based here. I imagine it is extremely helpful to have a contact in the country where you are getting married, someone who can help out with the legal paperwork and the language barrier in many cases.

How do you choose music for your productions and what are your influences in this regard?

The music is very important for me. Sometimes it can take me days to find the right song. I try not to pick anything that is too popular at the time and prefer to go for an original track that will not date. Of course, the song choice also has to suit the piece of film I have in front of me…the lyrics/the tempo etc. has to fit well with the couple and the images.

 Have you got any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

As I mentioned, I am very excited to film my first wedding in the States later this year as well as a wedding in the south of France. I also have some great styled shoots coming up which I am always delighted to be part of.

We cannot recommend Best Day Productions highly enough. Check out their website and Facebook page for more brilliant “moving pictures” inspiration and watch this space for two amazing videos from our Paris shoots!

Wedding Videographers Best Day Productions

Both videos and image above: Best Day Productions | Featured image: Brosnan Photographic and White Tea via Fly Away Bride

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  1. Melissa Pang

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    I enjoyed your wedding videos and the style certainly matches with what I have envisioned. I am planning a wedding on June 25, 2014 at Chateau de Rochegude in Avignon, France. Five people in attendance in total, so the wedding ceremony will be a symbolic one. We would like the wedding day captured. I am wondering if you would be interested in working with us for the wedding date. Please let us know your thoughts.

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