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We think a wedding venue spotlight is a little overdue here at Fly Away Bride, so today we’re focussing on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece. An island lying south-east of Greece between Turkey and the Greek mainland, Mykonos is the smallest of the inhabited Greek islands (little more than 105km squared). What it lacks in size however it more than makes up for in character and nightlife! It has long been a tourist destination for Europeans and is known for its beautiful beaches and sunshine- over 300 days a year. Today we’ll focus on two wedding venues in Mykonos, and then look at a few more details like getting to the island, and guest accommodation and activities.

The Grace Mykonos

Overlooking the protected beach of Agios Stefanos less than 4 kilometres from Mykonos town, sits the Grace Mykonos Hotel. This boutique hotel was refurbished in 2007 and has all modern luxuries along with a spa. Its architecture is minimalist mixed with more traditional architectural elements. The Grace Mykonos is available for exclusive use for weddings and comprises of 31 bedrooms in total. Their honeymoon suite lies at the top of the hotel with its own private terrace and plunge pool, featuring sunset views of Agios Stephanos beach and Mykonos town. The hotel has certain handy extras such as a courtesy bus to take guests to and from the airport, and they serve breakfast all day (handy for those late-night wedding party guests!)

Porto Mykonos Hotel

Located overlooking the town and port of Mykonos itself, the elegant Porto Mykonos Hotel has a wonderful view of both the city and sea. It is a medium sized hotel with 59 guest rooms so could be rented exclusively depending on the number in your wedding party. A handy feature for weddings here is its private chapel for ceremonies. All rooms have a sea view with luxury rooms having a private terrace also. There is a sauna, a jacuzzi with hydromassage and the outdoor pool has a sea view. Porto Mykonos is located very centrally with the town centre only a couple of minute’s walk away.

Visiting the Island

Your guests will have lots to do in Mykonos. There are beaches to suit any taste you can think of- the best ones are mainly on the south where they are protected from the northerly winds. The island has a bus service which is handy for getting around and is inexpensive as well. Mykonos is one of the only Aegean islands where scuba diving is permitted. Guests can also travel to some of the other smaller islands from here, if they’re up for exploring. Accommodation wise, there are hundreds of hotels on the island, as well as some gorgeous villas available to rent.

Getting There

Flying to the island requires two stops from Ireland, the easiest way is probably to fly to London first. From there it’s a three and a half hour flight to Athens, then a short 40 minutes to Mykonos airport- which is only 4 kilometres from Mykonos town. Athens has over ten flights a day during peak season, and other European cities do serve the island directly, such as Barcelona, Brussels, Milan, Rome and Zurich to name a few.

Mykonos wedding

Images: Very Svelte via This is Glamorous |  The Grace Mykonos Hotel | The Porto Mykonos HotelThe Travel Channel | City Pictures | Anna Roussos via Fly Away Bride

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  1. Emma Hawthorne

    Hi I was jus looking at the Porto Mykonos hotel I am jus wondering have u any prices for booking the hotel for a wedding

    • Amy

      Hi Emma, lucky you to be getting married on this beautiful island! It might be better to contact the hotel directly about prices with your group size and information and they can give you a better idea! They are at info@portomykonos.gr : )

  2. Andrew Peers

    Hello There
    We are thinking of getting married in Mykonos in May 2014. We are trying to find a wedding planner who can coordinate our needs. We are having trouble finding out how long we must be on the island prior to the wedding. Perhaps you can help us.
    Andrew & Loraine

  3. ellen maruca

    hi my daughter wants to get married in august 2014 in mykonos…..what do you think of alemagou? Kozina? i want something a little more fancy …since we have guests coming from new yook..i feel too beachy for a wedding…please advise..thank you..ellen

  4. Zané Pretorius

    HI There
    Im traveling from South Africa and getting married in June in Mykonos.

    Could you advise where I can reach and contact someone to do the ceremony (English)

    Please advise

    Kind Regards

  5. Claire

    Hello, I am looking at getting married in Mykonos next year could you please advise me on some recommended wedding planners. Thank you.

  6. Joseph El kadi

    Hello, am planning to get married in May 2015 could you please send me an email with a list of the best wedding planners in Greece in additional to the best Hotels where we can do the ceremony. Thanks

  7. Yrina

    Hello! I’ll go to Mikonos on August 2014 and we’re planning a surprise simbolic wedding for my auntie and her boyfriend. We will need a celebrant and flowers etc. Do you have any info?

  8. Sarah Conlin

    Hi Amy,
    I am planning to get married in Mykonos in June 2015. Could you please help me find a wedding planner and possible venues? Thank you so much!

  9. Maria

    Hi, can you please send me a list of wedding planners in Mykonos. I’m planning a wedding next year 2015. Thanks!

  10. Linda

    I’d like to arrange a wedding for this august (3rd to 10th) is this possible? For only 4 guests

  11. Nada

    Hello. Im planning to get married in July 2015.Could you please give me a list of the best hotels and what churches are available to get married in. Thanks!

  12. Liddima

    Hello Amy

    Im planning my wedding there in June 2015.

    We want to rent a villa and have a civil ceremony in the civil , is that possible ?

    Can you recommand some wedding planner, we dont have a big budget..


  13. Phoebe

    Hi Amy,
    Could you pelase recommend a wedding planner for Mykonos? I am planning my wedding there for May 2016 and would appreciate an expert’s help!
    Thanks :)

  14. Chris


    Myself and my Fiancee recently got engaged on the island of Mykonos and are now planning for our wedding to take place there.

    We would be looking at September 2017 with approximately 20 guests.

    Please could you give me an idea of the kind of packages that you offer?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Chris & Jess

    • Amy

      Hi Chris & Jess, congratulations!! Mykonos is so beautiful. I dropped you an email x

  15. Rebekah

    Hi, I, looking to get married in Mykonos sept 2015, would be grateful if you could send details of any packages and details of wedding planners. Think you so much!!

  16. Arijana

    Hi! I just booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean leaving Venice Italy on Oct. 3, 2015 arriving in Mykonos Greece Oct. 7, 2015. Looking to get married in Mykonos while we’re tendered at the shore from 7am-4pm. I am looking for a wedding planner who can help plan our wedding and have a quick reception with my family. Thank you!

  17. Katie

    Hi, Mykonos looks so beautiful we are looking at getting married in June 2015 but don’t know where to start! Please could you recommend a planner thank you

  18. Michelle

    Hi Amy, love the website! Any guidance you can give for someone in the US on getting married in Mykonos, including venues, legalities, and wedding planner?

  19. Angela

    Hi Amy,
    I know you posted this a while ago but I just want to get some more info on the wedding planner or Venues on this beautiful island. Any advice would help

    Thanks, A

  20. Pia-Louisa Bouyiouro

    Hi Amy

    My fiancé and I are looking to get married in Mykonos in September 2016. We haven’t got a huge budget but are looking for some advice and perhaps reasonable wedding planners on helping make our special day magical? I’m looking for a wedding ceremony in a hotel chapel and reception on a beach with loads of fairy lights/candles… with around 80 guests. My fiancé and I visit Mykonos every year as I have family who live there but I’m looking for something a little less traditional than the Greek Orthodox wedding in the town monastery with the rings on your head etc :)

  21. Mirissa

    Hi! I am considering getting married in Mykonos in May 2015. After some research I see that there is quite a bit of paperwork involved. Could you offer some advice and perhaps recommend a planner or someone that can help with this? It would just be the two of us and a simple civil ceremony is what we would like. Thanks!

  22. Simon

    Hi Amy,
    I am considering a Mykonos wedding for September 2015 possibly in a villa which could provide capacity for around 60 guests. Do you have any advice regarding location and wedding organisation? My girlfriend is Greek orthodox and I am Christian (Church of England). Do you know if it is possible for us to get married in a Greek chapel?
    Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you for the help!

  23. Wendy

    Hi Amy,

    I’m looking to get married in 2017
    In mykonos. Any details, wedding planners , legalialuties etc… Would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

  24. Kristina Mitchell

    Hi! Looking to get married AUGUST/September 2015. Will be an informal ceremony (not legal). Looking to host a wedding ceremony in a chapel setting or on a beach. Only about 10-15 people. We aren’t looking for a reception, but would like to make the ceremony special by doing a few extras! Do you know of any hotels that you can book only the ceremony at without staying as I know some of them can be upwards of hundreds of euros a night. We’re on a budget! Some champagne, nice decorations and location are what really matters ;) I’ve researched lots but any help or advice you could give me would be great!

  25. Aglaia

    Hi, we are thinking of having our wedding in mykonos in may 16 and we would like to hire a villa, do you have any tips if its possible to organise that please?thank you


    I am looking or some information on planning a wedding in Mykonos please. Next April 2016 for approx 100 people. I would appreciate any information you have and if possible if you could recommend a wedding planner.

    Kind regards

  27. Anna

    Hello, I would like to ask you. Can you orginize wedding paperwork? We have a ceremony in Mykonos (September).

  28. Sandra Edwards

    Hi, we are considering Mykonos for our wedding in may 2016, approx 25 guests, with outdoor ceremony. Do you have any hotel or villa venue recommendations ? Many thanks.

  29. Christina


    Im hoping to have my wedding in mykonos in June 2017 and would like some advice on the best/ cheapest local wedding planners available.


  30. Tarnia -Louisa Ingram

    Hi my partner and I are looking at renewing our vows but wish to have a beach ceremony, I have looked at a lot of places including hotels and villas but it’s just not what we want ideally we would like a romantic setting on the beach and then an after party but we haven’t managed to find anything. Can you advise on the best beaches or who to contact.
    Thank you so much

  31. Braden

    Great site, can you please send us a list of your favorite wedding planners?

  32. Kerrie

    Hi I’m looking a having a wedding In mykonos 2017, just wondering if you could help.me find a venue thanks

  33. Desiree

    Hi, I am thinking of getting married in Mykonos in May 2017, would you be able to let me know any wedding planners and suggested venues please? We want a family friendly day, our family and friends have lots of little children, It will be about 50 people. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks :)


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