We’ve a celebration for you today that could have been planned with Fly Away Bride in mind. It’s definitely a first for us and the first wedding on a plane I’ve ever seen! Couple Melanie and Hans Rudolf are both pilots, so really why wouldn’t they get married on a plane? Andrea Kuehnis captured the celebration in all its prettiness and Melanie shares more details on this unique wedding below.

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“We chose to get married on a plane as we are both pilots and flying is our passion. Duebendorf Airport is a small airport used for military jets and private sightseeing tours. As it was not possible to celebrate in a big international airport and Duebendorf was close to our hometown, this was perfect for us. Then we had the idea to had the ceremony in an old JU-52 and since they are based in Duebendorf it all really came together so well.” 

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“There were too many memorable moments to choose a favourite one, but after the ceremony just the two of us took an hour long flight across the Swiss Alps and this time was really special to me. I let my mind go and all the things that happened prior to the wedding and the pressure suddenly released. I leant back in my seat and thought; ‘Wow, this is it now. This is my wedding day!'”

2013-10-02_00022013-10-02_0016 2013-10-02_0017Wedding on a PlaneWedding on a Plane

“The only difficulty for us was getting permission to marry in a tiny old airplane, and getting a priest to do it! Luckily we found a very open and sympathetic priest who understood our wish to have a unique wedding ceremony that was meaningful for us. The only thing I would change about the wedding would be to lengthen the moment when our friends welcomed us leaving the plane. It went by too fast!”

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“If I had any advice for other couples it would be to plan their wedding the way they want to! Follow your dream, your style and what you are, and don’t let your plans be interrupted by others. We had questioned whether our idea was possible many times and even had sleepless nights over it. But in the end we were very happy we did it our way, and had the wedding we wanted to have. My other advice would be to have one or two moments during the wedding day to relax and just be with your husband. Breathe and relax. You might have planned for months and months and finally the day comes and everything goes by so fast. I enjoyed the time during the flight and the car ride after the reception where we had a few minutes just by ourselves and could savor the moment alone.”

Well said indeed. It really does go by so fast- even if you have a week! I love the paper airplanes the guests threw at the newlyweds. Thanks to Melanie and Hans Rudolf for sharing their unusual wedding story with us, and to Andrea Kuehnis for bringing us this perfect Fly Away Bride wedding.
Photographer: Andrea Kuehnis | Ceremony & Location: Duebendorf Airport, Switzerland | Bride’s Dress: Eddy K from Chez Jeanine | Groom’s Shoes: Mettler Modern | Flowers: Blumenfee | Hair: Bride’s friend | Bride’s Hair Flower: Claire’s Accessories

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  1. Sukey

    Wow! This is such a clever idea – and the plane and the airport provide such great lines and contrast in the photography – I love that they went with a place and theme that has such meaning to them!

  2. Sara

    This is SO unique and original – I love it! Forwarding it to my brother – he’s a pilot too!


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