I loved doing the wedding makeup for the Sail Away With Me shoot!

It’s always such a pleasure to do something so glamorous. Seeing as we were going for an authentic 1930’s style, I used colours that would resonate with the period for Aisling’s makeup. I wanted to keep her skin slightly matte but with a little luminosity to keep it flattering – too matte is always bad and never looks good for photos so bear that in mind if planning your own wedding look.

wedding makeup inspiration

The typical eye design of the era was a dusky eye, not smoky, as that would be too dark, so I prefer the term dusky! I used a satin-matte grey shadow all over the eyelid and up to the socket in a shade called Rain by Stila. I defined Aisling’s brows quite strongly as this was very much part of the style of the time. The cheeks are softly shaded in Blushbaby by MAC which is a gorgeous deep rose tone and for the dark lips I used a Sisley colour called Plum. Even though this is based around a period makeup look it is, in fact,still very contemporary and perfect for Wintery weddings.

wedding makeup inspiration

For the night time look I added a deeper charcoal to the eyes and patted a vintage gold shimmer shadow on top to pick up the beading in the costume. The shade is called Golightly by Stila. I decided on a deep ruby red for the lips to ramp up the glamour. Dubonnet by MAC is one of my very favourite red colours that actually suits almost everyone as it’s not too bright.

wedding makeup inspiration

The one thing I always recommend to my brides is to play around with makeup, particularly if you are going for a vintage look with the rest of the styling. Sometimes people feel the need to play down their makeup but in fact finding the right red lipstick or a slick of liquid liner might be the very detail that brings the entire look together. Keep a scrapbook or build a moodboard on Pinterest of looks you like and bring them to your makeup and hair artists to try out at your trial. If you’re not comfortable with the look once it’s on, that’s fine, but at least you tried it out…and that’s half the fun!

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