Sarah and Alessandro’s wedding in Trentino in Northern Italy was one of those epic parties where their personalities, individual style and taste could be seen and felt throughout every moment of the day. Having tied the knot in an official capacity a few years earlier, they finally got around to bringing their family and friends from 12 different countries together in Ale’s hometown for a much anticipated and longed for celebration. W&E Photographie did a magnificent job and really captured the essence of what this amazing duo are all about.


W&E Photographie

“Sarah is Brazilian. Ale is Italian. They met in Denmark. Soon after they moved to Norway – Tromsø, in the very tip, top of Norway to be exact. Since their family and friends were all over the world they wanted a wedding where they could all celebrate together. They were more than happy to wait a few years if that’s what it took to get everyone in one place.

Sarah & Ale are the kind of people you just want to be around. The wedding took place in an open field overlooking the foothills of the Italian Alps. This part of Italy is made up of hundreds of tiny towns connected by winding mountain roads. It’s definitely Italy, but the German-Swiss influence can’t be missed. It’s a beautiful blend of cultures and an incredibly charming part of Italy. In true Italian form, there was a vintage vespa, free-flowing wine & limoncello, and once evening arrived, customary games played by the bride & groom. The couple went for a relaxed and vintage feel for their attire. Sarah and Ale also had a few lovely details made by family and friends to be enjoyed at the reception tucked away in the woods. We loved being a part of a real Italian wedding – it was such an incredible experience.”

From Sarah and Ale

Our initial idea was to have two wedding parties: one in Italy where Ale comes from and another in Brazil I am from but we were worried that would divide the family and the friends we have from all over the world because they would have to decide which one of the two parties to go. So we agreed that it would be best to have one single party and northern Italy was chosen.

Ale’s family has a field with a breathtaking view that perfectly matched our vision for the kind of ceremony we wanted, a very relaxed, laid back and family oriented celebration on the mountains of Ale’s childhood.

The reception took place in a wooden house in a forest close to the field and it was everything we were hoping for.

We didn’t have a planner or any type of professionals involved (except for our photographers) and so everything was made with the help of friends and family and it couldn’t have been better.

Italian weddings have a few unique traditions and we wanted to incorporate some of them into our own day. One of them is that the bride doesn’t walk down the aisle with her bouquet and instead the groom holds it and gives it to her when she gets to the top and we included this one in our own wedding day.

Another tradition that we enjoyed was the one where the Italian friends prepare several games and pranks for the new wed couple. This was a lot of fun and relatively well behaved! 

We had friends and family coming from 12 different nationalities and it was priceless to see them all together in the one place. Everyone was so happy, enjoying the day with us. It was just amazing!

Photography; W&E Photographie | Ceremony Venue; Family’s Field (Pradiei) | Reception Venue; Malosco | Florist; Grooms’s Aunt | Wedding Dress; Miss Selfridge | Brides Jewellery; Etsy



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