Kerstin and Kirill are both avid travelers that met in graduate school in Munich, Germany. Kerstin grew up traveling between Berlin and the US while Kirill is from Russia. Though they met in Germany, their love grew while speaking English as they spent the weekends traveling together to different places in Europe. They married last summer in a traditional Bavarian ceremony captured beautifully by Seriously Sabrina Photography, with Germany’s highest mountain as their backdrop.
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Deciding to go Destination 

With family and friends spread out all over the world, Kerstin and Kirill chose to get married in the small vacation town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the heart of Bavaria. The resort they chose sits high up on a hill in the shadow of the Alps and the Zugspitze- the tallest mountain in Germany, which can be seen in the background of many of the bride and groom portraits. The couple wanted their wedding to be simple and elegant. Kirill loves Bavarian culture and wanted a Bavarian wedding, complete with a traditional green Bavarian tux. Kerstin loves flowers and beautiful surroundings, so to them their location was the perfect fit. Flowers are a big part of German culture and are to be found everywhere in their photos- adorning the hotel, the bride’s bouquet and the many peonies on the reception tables. Since the wedding was such an international affair the couple decided to have the ceremony in English and German with blessings given in Russian. Many family members are also French, so that language was added to the list at the reception as well.

Wedding Details

Kerstin took pride in doing many details of the day herself, including the invitations, reception games and wedding favors of personalized miniature jam jars that also served as place settings. The cake was covered in fresh fruits, a common practice in Germany, with each tier offering a different flavor for guests to choose from. The reception lasted from 4pm to midnight, featuring a cocktail hour on the patio that ended with the release of heart shaped balloons from the dock and a multi-course meal with group games inbetween each course. Some of the games included scavenger hunt, musical chairs, a gift passing game similar to hot potato and a game called “kiss the groom” where the guests guessed how many Hershey kisses (or in this case little chocolate candies) the bride could stack on the groom without one falling off. The night ended with wedding cake and a few hours of dancing: overall Kerstin and Kirill felt it was a perfect day and totally fit them as a couple.

Photography: Seriously Sabrina Photography | Ceremony Venue: Johanneskirche | Reception Venue: Riessersee Hotel Resort |  Cake: Konditorei und Kaffeehaus Krönner | Dress: Haus der Braut | Groom’s Tux: Trachten- und Modehaus Grasegger | Florist: Blumen Rosl | DJ: DJ Dany | Stationery, Programs, Reception Games, Jam Favors: DIY by the Bride

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