When the groom proposes to his girlfriend like this and then ends up swimming in the pool the night of the wedding, you just know that they are one of those amazing couples that do things their own way, all the way. Natacha and Manuel pulled out all the stops to make sure it was a night to remember, highly deserved we think considering they pulled off planning their wedding in Almancil, Portgual with the bride in Belgium and the groom in Germany. With the reception being held at a private house, it was a massive family effort and the bride’s father even constructed the dance floor by hand. As if it wasn’t perfect enough, they had photographer Matt + Lena there to capture it all.


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From Matt + Lena Photographer

“Manuel and Natacha got married last summer in July in Sao Laurenco, Algarve Portugal. Natacha’s mom, who is an artist, put an incredible amount of effort into styling the wedding. The little ceramic boats, the seating placements, are all hand crafted by Natacha’s mom, Samia, each a keepsake for the guest who attended.

The reception was held at a private house, they transformed their vast back yard into a beautiful space for the celebration. There were thousands of ferry lights adorning the olive trees, adding beauty to the pretty table settings and floral centrepieces, but that night there was another awesome source of light, it was the night of the super moon, that hung romantically in the sky all evening.

Natacha is originally from Syria, but lives in Belgium and has lots of family in Canada. Manuel is Italian but lives in Germany. There were western traditions and eastern traditions, a great mix of music and dancing and an over all incredible party! By the end of the night someone had to wind up in the pool!

This wedding was truly one of a kind and we are so honoured we had a chance to share the day with them and capture all the sweet moments.”



Photography: Matt + Lena | Wedding Planner: Susana at Quinta Occasions | Make up: Miss Lucy Jane | Ceremony: Sao Laurenco Church | Reception Venue: Private Residence, Quinta das Salinas, Almancil | DJ: DJ Diego Rivera | Dress: 1920.2 Charlie Brear, at Love, Sweet, Etc |  Shoes: Shapes, Shoes and Accessories | Headpiece: Handmade by Miss Koole Hats | Groomswear: Suit Supply | Bowtie: Weckx

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