Today we have a wedding in true Fly Away Bride style for you. Frederica and Marco wanted a travel-themed celebration, and since Marco is an airline pilot, their planner Monica from THAT DAY came up with the idea of having their wedding in a plane hangar. This hadn’t been done before in Italy, so we’re proud to present the very first one here today. We love that the newlyweds arrived by plane at the airstrip right in from of their unsuspecting guests! Lots more details on this unique wedding day from Monica below, but first Frederica and Marco’s absolutely brilliant wedding video from Videare. Seriously, don’t miss it!

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“When I met Frederica and Marco for the first time, I immediately understood that it would be great fun to work with them. Spontaneous, eager and open-minded enthusiasts who were ready to try new ideas. At our first meeting, Frederica said she envisioned somehow using travel as a theme since Marco was an airline pilot. Frederica had occasionally flown with him and she really liked it.”


“It is quite normal for a bride-to-be to imagine her wedding and to “construct” it by mixing together a number of elements she picked up from past wedding events attended as a guest. However there is a limitation in that most Italian weddings follow very similar and conservative patterns. How can a girl, whose professional life is completely devoid of any familiarity with event organisation, get a different stimulus? Either you are very interested in the subject and you have time to do the research, or you end up going along the same trodden paths.”


“Pilot. Travel. Planes… My mental hamster wheels started whizzing around and all ended up in the same place: a hangar. I had come across several inspiration photoshoots held in a hangar before on different blogs, but none were held in Italy. I knew however that there were some hangars here that were used for cultural or corporate events, but the trick was to find one in the Torina vicinity that could be made available for a private event. The next step was to pitch my idea to the bride and groom to be..

When the bride came up with a “wow!” as a first reaction I was overwhelmed with joy and there it all started. And by the end of my research I realised I could not have been any luckier as I had found the perfect hangar. While certainly not the first location you’d think of for a wedding, from a logistics and operational point of view it proved to be largely better than many villas and castles! Passages suitable for supplier vehicles; large open air  and covered spaces; no stairs or areas with challenging access; electric boards, running water, parking and a breathtaking view on all the surrounding Alps; no neighbouring buildings in the area; less than ten minutes from the Church where the wedding was celebrated; location manager and staff displaying the most exquisite kindness and spirit of collaboration… everything needed was there. Even when the catering team came round for a location review they admitted the location was simply perfect for its job. The only drawback was the toilet facility issue, which we adroitly overcame by agreeing with the control tower café on how we could use theirs.”


“We put together a mood board and went through every image. We concluded that the location itself was a bit of a gamble and some of the edges needed smoothing. Our idea was to create a slightly dreamy warm and welcoming atmosphere. We decided not to go with bright lighted tables, coloured light design, or transparent plastic chairs. We decided that vintage lights suspended in mid air would lower the perceived ceiling height for a more intimate and cozy feeling, and wooden Chiavari chairs and round tables would entail a better use of the available space. The suspended lights were not enough however, so we had to revert to supplementing them with table lights. Any flames in the hangar would be a security issue (with planes to be kept parked in proximity) so we opted for battery charged stem based table lights. We decided to somewhat integrate the light into the centrepiece with which we developed and interpreted the flight theme: a base with flower and greenery on which we suspended a cloud and some paper airplanes.

We created a coordinated set based on the all Italian play on words VOLARE and “conVOLARE a nozze” (meaning “getting married”) which encapsulates the verb “to fly” within the verb “to wed”: so, balsa wood planes were used as escort cards (and guest favors); the fingerprint guestbook and the backdrop for the Photo Booth were also within the flight theme, as were the polaroids of engagement session used in the set-up. I really loved the many little details in this project and was thrilled to team up with this adorable couple: they were not afraid to make mistakes and they took decisive steps and with little hesitations. I was also extremely happy with the talented combination of Igloo Photo and Videare who managed to capture the gorgeous day so well.”

For more travel themed beauty check out Frederica and Marco’s engagement session over on Igloo Photo, and thanks so much to Monica from THAT DAY for sharing this wedding with us today.

Wedding Design, Planning & Stationery: THAT DAY | Location: AeroClub Torino, Italy | Ceremony: Chiesa della Beata Vergine, Torino | Photographers: Igloo Photo | Video: Videare ‎| Flowers: Mutabilis |  Rentals: Centro Noleggio | Catering: L’arte a Tavola | Lighting and Audio: ArteLuce | Bride’s Dress: Nicole Spose  ‎

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