We love a good looking chair and at Fly Away Bride, we are always keen to showcase easy to style elements for your destination wedding. That is, looks that take little effort and resources.. all of which can be packed easily or sourced locally. Today we are looking at wedding chair decor. For a start, it is not a good idea to take on styling each and every single one of your guests’ chairs. The only two chairs that deserve any attention at all are your own!

Floral Chair Garlands

To recreate this look, all you’ll need to bring is a good floral shears, some floral tape and some floral wire. What I love about floral chair garlands is that even foliage looks amazing. Of course you can get a florist to create something more intricate, but foraging for greenery and snipping a few little flowers with your shears to assemble yourself will go a long way. Simply tape or wire foliage and flowers together in small garlands and attach to your chairs. They don’t have to match or be really neat and some of our favourite examples can be seen below!

Wedding Chair Decor_0001 Wedding Chair Decor_0002

Image Credits; Jose Villa | Rylee Hitchner | Rylee Hitchner | Jen Huang Photography | Beaux Arts Photographie

Fabric and Ribbon Chair Garlands

I absolutely love this idea. It’s romantic and feminine and so so easy to recreate, even if you are not very artistic. All you need to be able to do is choose pretty fabric and/or ribbons and get someone to help you tie them to the backs of your chairs! There is nothing as pretty as delicate and colourful strips of fabric swaying in the breeze. Simply drape your fabric over the back of the chair and secure with double sided tape or tie your strips of ribbon or fabric in a bow or knot onto the chair back like some of the images below.

Wedding Chair Decor_0003 Wedding Chair Decor_0004

Image Credits; Acres of Hope Photography | Sarah Kate, Photographer | Kurt Boomer Photo | Pasha Belman Photography | Jessica Burke

Chair Back Signage

A popular choice but for very good reason… How much fun are Mr and Mrs signs? I think they’re great but they are possibly the most awkward choice for a destination wedding. However, if you pack wisely, it is very possible to fit two signs made of wood and it’s even easier to pack mounting card signs or paper goods. Have these made up at home before travelling and don’t forget the string or ribbon that will tie them to the chairs. Take care of them while packing, especially any signs made of paper or card. The last thing you want after bringing them so far is to find dog ears! Once at your destination, these couldn’t be easier to assemble to your chairs.

Wedding Chair Decor_0005

Image Credits; Wink Weddings | Ginny Branch | Jose Villa

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  1. Sukey

    This is one thing I wish I had done at my own wedding – I love the look of it, and when else will you get to sit a specially adorned chair? I’m especially fond of the garlands and the lace toppers. Beautiful ideas!


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