Depending on whether you’re getting married in a church or not, you’ll need to give some thought to the different pieces of music you’d like at your ceremony. There are a few places where music is usually played, for example in a church ceremony it would generally follow this order:

1) Prelude. Guests are getting seated, this music can set the tone for the wedding. This could stretch over 10-15 minutes so you might need 5 or 6 songs or pieces of music.

2) Processional. Begins when immediate family are coming in to be seated and/or when the bridal party enters.

3) Bride Entrance. All eyes are on you! Scary or enjoyable as the case may be..

4) Interlude. During the ceremony where music can be played, i.e. lighting of the unity candle together.

5) Recessional. Now you’re married! Music to celebrate as you walk up the aisle.

6) Postlude. Plays as the guests make their exit.
wedding ceremony musicOf course you can mix it up any way you like- it’s your wedding! So finally today we’re bringing you a little music that you could have really anywhere during the ceremony (apart from the Bridal Entrance- perhaps not quite dramatic enough for that!) It’s a Glen Hansard classic- a really beautiful piece, hope you enjoy..

Images sourced from; Crystal Ainsworth via Pinterest | Mutsumi on Tumblr

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