I’m not sure if it’s just an Irish thing but here, most of us have grown up being told that grey is a cold colour. Well, it’s my favourite colour, along with green actually and to be honest, I don’t quite get it. Paired with a palette of blues (em.. another “cold” colour!) and a whole lot of soft lighting, I find it to be quite a cosy shade that just wraps itself around you. A warm winter grey wedding palette will compliment and enhance so many other winter wedding elements and in our mind’s eye, we are imagining beautiful long sleeve wedding dresses, rich velvets, open fires adorned with foliage and candles in every corner catching sparkles of glistening jewels. Being such a neutral colour too, there isn’t a fear of it looking dated in a few short years and the greys and blues work so well with metallics such as rose and yellow golds, silver or copper tones. Like most wedding colour schemes, the trick is to use the palette and not focus on just two exact shades. Bring the colours out through the fabrics on tables, invitations and other paper details.

Warm Winter Grey

Image Credits; Taylor Lord Photography | Jen HuangRoostJose Villa | Paula O’Hara | Is-Amare Wedding Photography  via Bajan Wed

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