Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! We have a warm summer inspiration board for your today: in honor of Easter I wanted to do a bright and cheery combination of hues. I had one with dashes of yellow in mind but it just didn’t seem to want to come together. Instead what appeared was a warm tonal board with a neutral base and pops of dark raspberry that I think would be perfect for a summer wedding. Inspired by the tone and texture of the Temperley gown below, images with ivories, beiges, pale peaches and blush kept catching my eye as well as those with small traces of darker pinks and red. With this palette you’ll have a wide array of colors to choose bridesmaid dresses from: any warm shade should work, bar possibly a red verging on orange (stick to red toward the pink end of the spectrum). Keep florals fairly neutral overall but throw in a red rose or ranunculus (or two!) for that lovely pop of color. I adore the floral heart below against the gray: surfaces such as stone, rough plaster or unfinished wood make the perfect backdrop for detail shots here, and pewter or tarnished silver is ideal for your flatware, cake stand and trays. Finally, why not try a dark cherry lip as the finishing touch to this look?

Warm Summer

Gown: Temperley via Fly Away Bride | Valentino Shoes: Annabella Charles Photography via 100 Layer Cake | Flower Heart: A Lovely Workshop by Elizabeth Messina via Kelly Sauer | Almond Blossoms: Matt + Lena Photography via Fly Away Bride | Cocktail: White Loft Studio via Style Me Pretty | Cake by Luscious Layers; Image: Kina Wicks via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Stationery: Styling: Ashley Nicole; Image: Lani Elias Photography via Once Wed

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