It’s Friday so that can only mean one thing.. beautiful wedding dress inspiration. While we have kind of skipped over Bridal Fashion week so far this year, we will be bringing you some of our favourites over the coming weeks and one that had totally piqued our interest was the debut collection from Viktor & Rolf. A die hard fan of their Flowerbomb fragrance, we weren’t totally surprised (but very pleased) to see many of the beautiful gowns in the collection featuring such a signature look with delicate and sweet silk appliqué flower detailing, the first below being my favourite. Another key feature was the big and beautiful bow and it appeared in various sizes and forms throughout the collection. Gowns in general are very tailored with straight, fine lines and clean cuts, a real treat for the ultra modern bride.

viktor-rolf_0001 viktor-rolf_0002 viktor-rolf_0003 viktor-rolf_0004 viktor-rolf_0005 viktor-rolf_0006 viktor-rolf_0007 viktor-rolf_0008 viktor-rolf_0009 viktor-rolf_0010 viktor-rolf_0011 viktor-rolf_0012 viktor-rolf_0013

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