Hey there! Good morning. I hope you all had a really nice weekend? I’ve a few more weddings coming up now before Christmas so I spent the weekend practicing my harp and piano and learning some lovely new pieces. I find it so hard to make time to play anymore so it was really refreshing to put a few hours aside –  although my fingers are a bit tender as I type this morning! Inspired by our two real destination weddings in Italy last week and an email from a bride hoping to get married in Italy next September, I was once again on the hunt for some really beautiful wedding venues in Italy. The last venue spotlight we did on Italy was back in April (honestly, that was so long ago but we have so much to cover on FAB – we are cutting down on the countries we focus on but still, there are so many beautiful places in Europe) and we focused on the city of Rome. For today, keeping in mind Italian coast and countryside weddings, I narrowed down a few amazing venues. As usual though it was next to impossible to pick just four, but here it goes.

Hotel Marina Piccola ✈ Cinque Terre, Italy

I dream of someday visiting the Cinque Terre in Italy and can only imagine what a spectacular wedding location one of it’s little villages would make. One of the oldest villages, but the second smallest in the Cinque Terre is that of Manarola. The bright and colouful village that overlooks the Italian Riviera is just so picturesque and I can’t think of anything better than spending a few days taking in the views and drinking the local wine, Sciacchetra. We came across this really cute restaurant in Manarola but first of all – do not be put off by the first picture on their website, I got the fright of my life at the face staring back! The restaurant can seat 50 inside but it’s out on the veranda you want to host your wedding reception. They also have a small hotel with 13 rooms but there is plenty of accommodation in the area.

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings Cinque Terre

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings Cinque Terre, Italy

Weddings Cinque Terre, Italy

Castello di Gargonza Monte San Savino, Tuscany

At this stage, nearly a year in to Fly Away Bride, I’m a little fearful of the day that I might get engaged because I have actually no idea where I’d like to get married anymore! Honestly, we see so many places every week all over the world that I know it’s going to be the hardest thing to decide. One place high up on my list all year though is Castello di Gargonza. Why? Because it isn’t just a venue, it’s an entire village, it’s available for exclusive use and it’s a pretty, pretty place for one big party. There is a church in the village too so if you are catholic, you can have your ceremony and celebrations in the one place. The village houses have 45 rooms between them meaning there is plenty of room for guests so if you are looking for somewhere where you and your guests can have a very relaxed, weekend wedding, this is a very exciting option.

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings Castello di Gargonza

Castello di Gargonza

La Tagliata Positano, Amalfi Coast

The quaint fishing village of Positano is about 60km from Naples so a little bit further south. The nearest airport is Salerno-Pontecagnano Airport although Naples offers a better service into the region. La Tagliata has three different terraces all offering different views over the Amalfi Coast. As well as the great views, they grow a lot of their own food that they cook in their own kitchens. Private dining is offered and weddings catered for and well, the pictures of La Tagliata speak for themselves.

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings La Tagliata

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings

Villa Catignano Siena, Italy

Last but not least today, we are heading inland again towards Siena to check out Villa Catignano. This luxury villa is also available for exclusive rental and can accommodate as many as 90 people for weddings. Villa Catignano has an ancient chapel on the property that can celebrate Anglican or Protestant faith ceremonies and blessings can be held in their beautiful gardens. If tranquility and luxury is what you are looking for, take a look at their website.

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings Villa Catignano

Italian Coast and Countryside Weddings

Villa Catignano

If you are having trouble finding a venue, pop us a mail. We do too much research on them and are sure to have one that suits your requirements. It’s real wedding day tomorrow so check back with us before noon!

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  2. Caitriona Durham

    Hi there! I love love love FAB! Amy chance you can share your wisdom with me and help me find a wedding venue in Italy for 120 people in May 2014? I’m Irish, living in Perth, marrying in Tuscany, so I’m struggling a bit. I like the idea of a vineyard or country wedding but it can’t be too far from Pisa airport for guests flying from Dublin. I also really like the Cinque Terre – wow. I’m trying to save money by organizing it myself and not hiring a planner, is this realistic? Any help would be much appreciated!

  3. Emma crahan

    Hi there. im loving the site and all the helpful tips.
    We’re looking to plan our wedding in Italy in sept 2014 but are struggling to find a venue that suits us and our guests. We had originally set our sights on Tuscany but are willing to look at small, colourful and rustic villages like Cinque Terre, down near the Almafi coast / Naples airport. We should have approx 60 guests. We are looking for somewhere relaxed, close to amenities (10 mins), that has some accommodation, with further options close by (so guests can get home easy at the end of the night). We dont want a modern generic hotel but would rather something with a historical charm.., The mix of the hotel il Salviatino would be just perfect but I fear it may be out of our budget :(
    Can you recommend some possible options for us?? email me if you need details re our budget etc.
    i hope you can help :)

      • Laura

        Dear Amy,
        Your website is really useful and full of helpful information.
        We are looking for reception venues in Ravello for a wedding in September 2014.
        I have trawled the internet and keep coming up with the same venues, mostly the Villa Eva or Cimbrone, which are absolutely stunning but unfortunately over budget for us. On the other scale we have been quoted for resturants like Da Tatore, which again is lovely but isn’t quite what we’re looking for.
        We loved the look of Mama Agata’s intimate wedding receptions but i am told that they no longer cater for weddings. Plus the fact that the resturant would have been too small for our party which will most likely be 40-50.
        I wondered if you had much knowledge of that area and could recommend any reception venues.
        Thanks for any help and advise you have.
        Laura :)

      • Amy

        Hi Laura, lucky you to be getting married in this beautiful area! I am just having a look and have reached out to a few people in Ravello, I’ll drop you email you when they get back to me x

  4. Yummii

    Hi Amy,
    So glad I came across your site!! Brilliant! Was hoping for some advice and more suggestions on wedding venues in Italy…

    We are from Sydney, Australia and are wanting to get married any where along the coast in Italy Sept 2014. We are expecting around 40–50 guests.. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

    Xx Yummii

  5. Lisa

    Hi Amy, I love your site and have found it incredibly useful in my research for a wedding next September 2015. I’m looking for something very similar to Emma’s post above. 40-60 people for an outdoor symbolic ceremony. Looking mostly in Tuscany region but open to other ideas as well. Would love any suggestions you have. Thank you so much!

  6. Rebecca

    Awesome website!
    Wondering if you know anywhere that can do a legal ceremony outdoors, with a view of a lake or the sea, in Lazio, Abruzzo, Molie or Tuscany for about 65 guests? The view is paramount and the budget is tight so it’s a bit tricky!

  7. Edel fitzgerald

    We are hoping to get married September 2017 and really struggling. We have emailed wedding planners months ago and they haven’t responded. We’re close to giving up on our dream wedding. We are looking for somewhere within an hour of either Pisa or Rome airport and this is the only website that has proved most helpful! We are looking for a nice Catholic ceremony with a rustic countryside venue closeby. Something shabby chic but elegant! Please help!!


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