Jasmine & Thibault travelled from their hometown of Bordeaux in France to marry in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice. They wanted something out of the ordinary, and this is exactly what they got. Their celebration in a Venetian palazzo was intimate, decadent and darkly glamourous. Let’s take a trip to the amazing city of Venice, through these gorgeously atmospheric images captured by Peggy from Maison Pestea.

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“We wanted something different and very romantic. Originally from Bordeaux, we know weddings usually mean a year’s planning for a castle celebration with champagne and DJ. However we wanted something completely different. When we saw that Venice was a direct flight from Bordeaux and only an hour away, it was obvious! It represented us: a little offbeat and very romantic. December was set as the time of year, thirty people were on the guest list- all our close friends and family with the exception of children: an enchanted interlude of four days. It was definitely ‘us.'”


“With just three months to organize everything, I needed help. I decided on the hotel: we took over an old Palazzo just two steps from St. Mark’s Square. I worked on the program for four days, with small gifts and an information pack in the rooms full of typical Venetian restaurants, in short everything guests would need to enjoy this beautiful city. But the big day was more complicated for me. Time was beginning to run out and I could  not speak Italian. Hence I began looking for a wedding planner.”


“I had a very clear idea of ​​what I wanted, So I had to find the right person who understood the vision: a baroque/vintage style and especially Italian celebration- NOT a French wedding in Italy. I searched the Internet and came across the website of Sylvie of My Italian Wedding with pictures of weddings she had done. I loved the atmosphere of the weddings she had planned. Although we’re French, if we were to get married in Venice, we wanted to do it as the Venetians do. So our choice of caterer at the Palazzo where the reception was held, through to the jazz band, photos, flowers- everything was Venetian: refined and perfect. Sylvie understood from the beginning what I wanted, and one of her tricks was brilliant: I created an album on Picasa, where I put all the pictures I liked. Sylvie, who has an “eye” for offbeat weddings, found our photographer Peggy. I fell in love with her style. I really wanted something poetic, enchanted, Venetian and winter- not something obvious. 


“I hesitate between the choice of caterer and reception venue- they both were truly sublime. Since there were only thirty guests in total, we worked on a very refined and delicious menu, with Venetian wine to accompany it. My favorite part was the ceremony in the city of Venice, in the ancient Palazzo overlooking the Rialto with old jazz playing in the background. Arriving at night by river to our reception was also really special: the doors were open onto the water, a waiter in a tuxedo was waiting for the guests to help them up- it was absolutely magical. Our friends told us afterwards that they had never eaten so well at a wedding. And for our reception venue, the Palazzo, I have no words. I was a Venetian countess for a night!”

Photographer: Maison Pestea | Wedding Planner: My Italian Wedding | Venue: Palazzo Paruta | Shoes: Repetto | Dress : Hervé Mariage | Accessories: Vintage

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