Regina and Ryan’s destination wedding took place last August amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany. The couple flew to Italy from the US looking for a fairytale wedding: their ideal celebration would have a rustic feel while still being elegant and romantic. Their wedding palette was predominantly white, using natural colors of the environment to accent the day. Cultural aspects of Tuscany were included by adding olive tree branches in the bouquets as well as in the florals. While the entire bridal party and floral arrangements were white, fresh displays of fruit, food and wine added just enough color to embellish the evening. Lights were strung over the tables and candles placed around the table settings with gold chairs which matched not only the table setting but also the customised stationery, adding a touch of glamour. Regina and Ryan’s Tuscany vineyard destination wedding displays to full effect how beautiful a destination wedding in this lovely part of Italy can be, all captured by Stefano Santucci.

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Photography: Stefano Santucci Photography | Wedding Planner: The Tuscan Wedding | Stationery: Momental Designs & The Left Handed Calligrapher | Cake: The Tuscan Wedding Cake | Florist: Tuscany Flowers | Bridesmaid Gowns: Jenny Yoo

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  1. Joseph Lister

    So beautiful photos! It looks so wonderful. The pics are captured flawlessly that if a man or woman see it then he was speech less to provide an explanation for it.

  2. Joanna

    Beautiful wedding!

    Where are those bride/bridesmaid robes from? I must have! xo


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