Happy Friday folks! I’ve had a particularly amazing ten days or so. In a remarkable turn of events, I became the proud owner of a gorgeous fiancé on New Years Day! I’m now cringing at the posts pre-Christmas congratulating all of those who got engaged over the holiday period, I honestly did not see it coming my way! So, you can expect a lot of personal posts over the next few months while I publicly freak out about planning my own. You would think that I’d be prepped for such an event but I am the world’s worst decision maker and I have a love for almost everything, something Mike figured out quick enough when reading through my posts here. He gifted me the most beautiful “stand in” ring, and we are looking forward to having one made in Dubai on our way home from our 6 month world trip. What a way to end it all, eh? Of course I’ve promised to take things slow… but who am I kidding. I’m already looking at dresses and today, I’m jumping up and down over finding this wonderful wedding designer. I’ve had an obsession for tulle wedding dresses ever since picking up Lisa’s blue tulle dress for her 41st wedding to Alex in H&M. I’m so sorry I didn’t hang on to it. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across Ouma, an Etsy boutique specialising in custom made, hand dyed tulle wedding dresses and veils during the week. There is something so special, romantic and soft about these skirts and gowns and even if they are not for your wedding dress, how gorgeous would these be for your bridesmaids?

Ouma Wedding Dress_0010 Ouma Wedding Dress_0005 Ouma Wedding Dress_0009 Ouma Wedding Dress_0006 Ouma Wedding Dress_0001 Ouma Wedding Dress_0007

Images by Kym Ventola Photography

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  1. Clare

    Huge congratulations on your engagement Lindsay and on your upcoming trip. So exciting!

    My two bridesmaids got engaged at Christmas too so it is wedding talk all-round for me.

    I adore the first dress you have featured above. Might need to look into it for my wedding. Thank you for some great inspiration :)

    Clare x

  2. Lauren

    Congrats, Lindsay! I’m so happy for you, and I can’t wait to see your wedding come together. I hope it will be shared here on Fly Away Bride. Meanwhile, have a wonderful time in Dubai!

    I stumbled across Ouma a few weeks ago, and I’ve been meaning to look into the designer. I’m glad you shared her beautiful dresses!


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