Italy is a very popular and well-known destination for couples wanting to travel abroad to wed. When considering a location for a wedding in Italy, areas such as Venice, Tuscany, Rome, the Amalfi Coast or Sicily often spring to mind first. Fewer people have come across the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with its capital city of Trieste, an area that has much ancient history involving Romans, Austrian Habsburgs and Slovenian influences. Its beautiful landscape offers access to the Mediterranean sea as well as hills and mountains in the hinterland. Wine, olive oil and typical Mediterranean delicacies are cultivated in this region. Beautiful venues such as coastal castles, ancient villas, golf clubs and restaurants offer marvelous settings for weddings. The intimate, simple Arco di Riccardo restaurant located in Trieste’s ancient quarter not far from the old amphitheater was the setting for this special styled shoot. Inspired by the golden age of Rome and its history, simplicity and elegance, a team of Italian wedding vendors from Trieste in the North-Eastern region Friuli Venezia Giulia came together to collaborate on this session. Images were captured by EmotionTTL and the shoot was planned by Pura Magia Wedding & Events.

Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.comTrieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0007 Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0001 Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0003 Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0010 Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0009Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0008Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0013Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0004 Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0012Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0011Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0002Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0015Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0014Trieste Inspiration Shoot by www.emotionttl.com_0005

Photography: EmotionTTL | Event Planning & Stationery: Pura Magia Wedding & Events | Location: Ristorante Arco di Riccardo | Floral Design: La Pintadera | Hair & Makeup: Salone Verdi | Wedding Cake: MUG Bakery | Jewellery:  Crevatin Gioielleria

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