So you’ve decided to go abroad for your wedding and hopefully have an idea of either the country or at least the continent your wedding is going to be in. We’re here to bring you ideas on travel inspired destination wedding invitations- there are so many options out there and it’s good to take an overall look at what you’ll be seeing.

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsMay Day Studio via Oh So Beautiful Paper


Maps can be incorporated really creatively into your wedding stationery. You can use a map of the wedding site, where you met first, where you have been together, or incorporate many different aspects of your travel. Think about how you want to use the map- do you want colour? Do you want place names visible? What about a marker for the wedding venue area?

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsTravel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsGus & Ruby via Oh So Beautiful PaperParrott Design Studio | Lion in the Sun

Topographic Map

A blind or coloured impression can be embossed onto the invitation to create a textured map effect, as above, bringing a little more dramatic hands-on feel. Do you have any attachment to the landscape in which you’re getting married? What is your connection to it? You might want your destination to be a main theme in your stationery and even bring it in to your decor.

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsBlackbird Letterpress via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Passage Tickets

Think about your venue and location. Try to incorporate details into your invitations that are unique to your destination wedding. The above invitations were based on old passage tickets to the Queen Mary which was also the couple’s wedding venue. The typeface they used is actually very similar to what was used on the Queen Mary’s original menu, which we think is a pretty fantastic detail.

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsRuby and Willow via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Location Images

Local famous points or landmarks will get excitement going for guests. Again, think about what you want to portray. The stationer you’re looking at may have a generic template for say, London (as above) that they can personalise for you. Many do custom stationery design so perhaps ask their advice if you’re unsure what direction to take.

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsB. Dunlap

Travel Symbols

There are so many travel symbols to pick from. We’ve seen the airmail theme done a lot and compass points can be nice, or longitude and latitude. Then there are methods of transport like planes, ships, trains, bicycles, hot air balloons, cars.. Birds can be lovely too, as above (which are not actually invites but some gorgeousness from B. Dunlop- who has collaborated with Blackbird Letterpress before to create the beautiful calligraphy invitations we saw on Monday). Is there a particular bird or animal that you like native to where you’ll be wed? This might make an unusual and beautiful motif.

Travel Inspired Destination Wedding InvitationsLion in the Sun via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Back this afternoon with some lovely bridal fashion inspiration!

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