The next step for many couples, after getting a general idea of their wedding direction, is to have an engagement session. I had my own last summer (which we hope to be sharing with you soon!) and learned a few things that will come in handy for readers who are taking this step. I really think that if your budget allows, an e-session is an excellent idea. If you are a little camera shy like me, having a practice session is super helpful, and getting to know your photographer means you’ll be that bit more comfortable with them on the day itself.

For a little more inspiration, just click through on the images below which will bring you to some favorite engagement sessions we have featured!

Amsterdam Engagement with Be Light Photography

Be Light Photography via Fly Away Bride


Choose somewhere that means something to you, or a place where you like the scenery or setting. Some locations worth considering are your house, a nearby park or fields, a beach, a lake, part of a town or city you love, a cafe or pub, or perhaps where you first met. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for advice if nothing springs to mind after discussion with your fiancé. They will often know of many suitable locations and will also have an idea of how to get the best out of the setting, having shot there previously.

Prague Love Shoot with Monika Caban

Monika Caban via Fly Away Bride


When you decide on your location, have a chat with your photographer about what time of day would be best to shoot there. For outside locations many photographers favor an hour or two before sunset- when the sunlight is slanted and soft. Inside locations can be different however as you may want as much light as possible- so earlier in the day might suit better. Your photographer will most likely have a very good idea of what’s best!

Elegant Rome Love Shoot

Rochelle Cheever via Fly Away Bride


You’ll be glad of any extra effort you make here: bring two outfits if you like! When we had our session we both wore a casual outfit and brought a more dressy change of clothes. Co-ordinate colours with your fiancé- it’s probably better not to be too matching but try not to clash either. A few accessories can add a lovely touch, but don’t overdo it. If in doubt bring a few accessories and ask your photographer’s advice. You want the focus to be on yourselves and not on your clothes, hence I’d avoid slogans or obvious logos as well. Try to suit your surroundings and be practical- for example it might not be the best idea to wear sky high heels if your setting is a farm. Sound a little hard to strike a balance? Just go with what you’re comfortable with!

Engagement Session Paris

Juliane Berry via Fly Away Bride


Before your first photo session is often a good time to arrange a hair and makeup trial session for the wedding, but if you don’t know who you’ll be using yet don’t worry. Having someone else do your makeup here will give you a good idea of what you are comfortable with. I did my own for our session but spent extra time on it. If you’re doing it yourself, I would say put on a little more than you usually do. Get a restful night’s sleep if you can before the session so you look your best. Oh, don’t forget to have your nails done- you’ll be having a close up of that new ring!

Elegant Rome Love Shoot with In Love in Italy

In Love in Italy via Fly Away Bride


It’s totally up to you whether to use props. If there is an object that has special significance for both of you, by all means bring it along. Another idea is to bring something that helps to tell your story, for example a photo from one of your first dates. Maybe you have a beloved pet that you’d like to have photos with, which it might not be practical to bring to your wedding? There are a ton of options to add a fun element to your photos: balloons, picnic basket or blanket, a book or books you love. If you have set your wedding date already, bringing a chalkboard or a sign with the date printed is an opportunity to make a personalized “Save the Date” for your guests.

Sweden Engagement

Iconoclash Photography via Fly Away Bride

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  1. Sukey

    I wish I had read this before I did my own e-session! Location and time of day are so important – and you know I love the outfit advice!

  2. Teresa at In Love In Italy

    Great tips! Loved the “ask your photographer” part ;) sometimes accessories or clothing that might seem too much in real life, look just beautiful in photo ..
    Thank you for featuring my photograph too!


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