Lately, I have been too aware of the fact that I’m getting older and that I can’t find the “pause” button. The months, let alone weeks seem to be flying by at incredible speed and I’ve been biting my nails over the long mental list of things (made in my teens) that I thought I’d have achieved by now. The list is totally unrealistic and truth be told, the fact that I’m paying it any heed says a lot about what I am. A nervous character! However, one great thing that has become quite apparent over the past few months is that I am now in the age bracket where a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married. In the beginning, my obsession for weddings had everything to do with the details of the event, the style, the beautiful locations around Europe and the photography. Now though, it’s more about the couples. I’ve gotten to know some amazing couples through FAB and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to share their stories but seeing the happiness and excitement in real life through my own friends, and getting to share it with them, well it means so much more now. In the past week,  my lovely friend Laura got engaged to Brian as well as two other friends, Janine and Michael. I’m so thrilled for them and want to wish them all the happiness in the world. Today’s post was actually inspired by their utterly beautiful engagement rings – the two girls have some gorgeous bling on their fingers and the boys did so well but it got me thinking, where do you start? Well we are going to start with the first of the four C’s today, diamond ring cuts.

The Perfect Shape ✈ Diamond Ring Cuts

Diamond Ring Cuts

Image by Jose Villa


The most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, the round diamond was designed in such a way as to reflect the most amount of light. In other words, it sparkles the most. Nearly all round diamonds are “brilliant cut” meaning that they have 58 facets. Round cut diamonds are more expensive as they are high in demand and because when cut, they lose more of the rough stone making the cost of the carat retained, higher.

Round Diamond Ring Cuts

The ring shown is a round cut diamond surrounded by a halo and in a filigree setting. It is from KNRINC.


Of the fancier diamond ring cuts, the princess is second to the round cut in the popularity stakes. Even though the face is square in shape, its cut maximizes the brilliance of the stone to achieve lots of sparkle and you will get more carats for your cash than you will for a round cut diamond of the same value due to the fact the there is less wastage when cut from the rough stone.

Princess Diamond Ring Cuts

Both of the rings shown feature a princess cut ring but you will see how it looks with a detailed setting and with other stones in the second image. Very pretty. Both rings are from KNRINC.


The oval diamond shape is just so beautiful and because it is essentially the round cut, elongated – it’s a great match if you want something with similar fire but a little bit more unusual. Oval diamonds can often create an impression that they are greater in size but because of their shape, they will possess what is known as “bow tie”. A “bow tie” is a dark area that runs right to left across the centre of the diamond in the approximate shape of a man’s bow tie and its severity depends very much on the diamond. The bow tie effect might only be visible at certain angles and in certain light but in other cases, it can be quite severe so be aware and look before you buy.

Oval Diamond Ring CutsThis oval shaped stone is actually a sapphire set in a diamond encrusted band and can be bought from Rare Earth.


As the story goes, the marquise diamond got its name after King Louis XIV of France supposedly had a stone shaped and polished to the perfectly shaped mouth of Marquise of Pompadour. Like the oval shaped diamond, they can often possess some degree of the bow tie effect and their long, narrow shape can also make them look deceivingly larger in size. Hardly a bad thing.

Marquise Diamond Ring Cuts

I love this platinum, art deco style marquise diamond ring from Erstwhile Jewelry.


Also known as the “tear shaped diamond”, the pear shape diamond is a combination of the round and marquise shaped diamond and will also possess some degree of the bow tie effect but is very striking and very sparkly too. If you dream of a diamond as unusual as the pear shaped cut, then make sure you do your homework. It should have perfect symmetry.

Pear Diamond Ring Cuts

This Tiffany ring is classic and sophisticated.


The cushion cut is an antique cut that is romantic and timeless and although the cushion cut diamonds are not as fiery as some of today’s modern diamonds, their beautiful shape has already proven that it will stand the test of time. Its name comes from the fact that it’s a square cut with rounded corners, very much like a pillow. Well worth some serious consideration.

Cushion Diamond Ring Cuts

This beautiful antique is from Dale Fournier.


The Emerald Cut diamond is beautifully unique and although it doesn’t possess the same sparkle as the round cut diamond, the long lines and step like facets mean that it gives off very dramatic flashes of light and it’s very appealing if you are looking for something really unusual. If this diamond is for you, you should consider the quality carefully before buying and select the highest grade of stone you can afford. Good thing is, this diamond is really cost effective compared to the likes of the round cut simply because it’s not as popular.

Emerald Diamond Ring Cuts

The first emerald cut diamond reminds me slightly of Angelina Jolies ring and can actually bought from Amazon of all places! I love the art deco style of the second emerald cut ring on the right, available from Doyle and Doyle.


Developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, the Asscher cut is often called the “square emerald cut” as it has many of the same features such as the cropped corners and the stepped facet but perhaps has more of a sparkle. Asscher cut diamonds were popular in the 1920s which explains their recent comeback given that the vintage is back in a big way. The cropped corners of the Asscher cut give the diamond an slight octagonal shape. Really pretty we think.

Asscher Diamond Ring Cuts

Another beauty from the Erstwhile Jewlery collection – my new favourite shop.


If you want the brilliant sparkle from the round diamond but a shape more like the Asscher or Emerald cut, then the radiant cut is what you are looking for. It sparkles more than the emerald and Asscher because it’s faceted unlike the long lines of the other two. Its shape means that it also fits in really well with other diamonds in a setting. For longer rectangular radiant diamonds, be mindful of the bow tie effect although it’s not as common in the radiant cut as it is in the oval and marquise diamonds.

Radiant Diamond Ring Cuts

Another beauty from KNRINC, this radiant bling is set in an art deco style pave setting.


The heart shape diamond also takes after its name and is a very romantic choice of diamond. It’s important to look for good symmetry and bear in mind that the smaller the diamond, the less likely you will be able to make out the shape of the heart.

Heart Diamond Ring Cuts

This decorative ring can found online at Durnell.

We really hope that our little guide will help clarify a few things and send you on your way to the jewllers to find the perfect fit! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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