What started off as a dull drab morning has turned into a glorious day of winter sunshine so it has me in a good mood. So has today’s real destination wedding in Italy! We are in Rome today where our Spanish couple, Mario and Grissel chose to celebrate their wedding. A smart pair, these two scientists also brought in expert help and Jay Studios were on hand to help them with the planning process and are also responsible for these gorgeous photos.

Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

Italian Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding in Rome

Eternal Love in the Eternal City

Destination Wedding in Rome Italy

This love story started when Grissel enrolled in some of Mario’s courses. A talented scientist with strong leadership skills, Grissel really admired Mario as a professional but neither of them ever imagined that that they would end up falling in love.

Eternal Love in Rome

Marriage in Italy

Wedding Venues Rome

Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

In 2011, Mario and Grissel started working on a number of projects together and it wasn’t long before their conversations turned from talking work to chatting about their own interests and struck up a real friendship. As time went on, their affection for each other grew and when Mario was no longer Grissels mentor, they would meet up anyway just to enjoy each others company.

Destination Wedding Italy

Getting Married in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding in Italy

A work project came up meaning that Grissel was going to be away for two weeks and neither realised before this event, just how much they would miss each other. They spoke every day and Mario even flew up to visit Grissel as a surprise and even at this stage, they were both unaware just how much they were falling for each other.

Getting Married in Italy

Rome Wedding

It wasn’t until October in 2011 that sparks really started to fly.. Grissel had a bad accident in the lab where she was working and was brought to hospital for serious burns to her hand. Mario rushed to the hospital as soon as he heard and stayed by her side all night long. The 11/11/11 is the first night of the rest of their lives. Nothing special happened but they realised they had fallen in love with each other and only a few days later, they got engaged. Grissel caught the bouquet at their friend’s wedding, a sign that they should start planning their own.

The Eternal City Wedding

Destination Wedding in Italy

They chose Rome in Italy because of its history as the Eternal City full of romanticism and love. They chose us, Jay Studios as their wedding planners because they wanted their ceremony in Spanish and our team speaks the language. We also had experience planning Mexican weddings (which is not that common for Italian wedding professionals) and enjoyed working together. The music and the setting was really important to get right so we worked with one of our partners, La Semicroma and chose Villa Grazioli in Grottaferrata to host the celebrations.

Destination Wedding Venue Italy

Unique Destination Wedding Venue in Italy

Italy Marriage Jay Studios

Mario and Grissel exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, many of whom were involved in the ceremony. There were many Mexican traditions throughout the day such as the exchange of coins and the wrapping of rosary beads.

Getting Married Abroad in Italy

Thanks to Jay Studio for sharing this wedding with us today, for the pictures and the story – so romantic! Sorry again for the late post today, it was worth the wait though, I’m sure you will agree! What’s going to be on our wishlist for tomorrow? Check back with us to find out! Have a great day!

Venue; Villa Grazioli in Grottaferrata | Wedding Planners; Jay Studio | Wedding Photography: Jay Studio | Floral Design: Jay Studio | Makeup and Hair: Jay Studio | Wedding Ceremony Celebrant; Jay Studio | Music; La Semicroma | Wedding dress; Pronovias | Shoes; Loriblù

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    Oh, Italy! What an incredible place to celebrate the union between two people. If only I could go back and do ours again :)


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