Probably the most common question to come in to us at Fly Away Bride is “what is the best time of year to get married in..” so we thought we would start a little series where you can get some top tips from local experts and today, we are delighted to feature the lovely Heike Moellers, one of our FAB sponsors. She is going to part some of her wisdom and share what she thinks is the best time to get married in Ibiza.


“Hi I’m Heike, a wedding photographer based in Ibiza and I am thrilled to be able to offer some advice when it comes to planning your wedding in Ibiza.

For sure Ibiza is beautiful the whole year round, but there are a few things to you might want to consider that you may not already know.

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Venues in Ibiza

Many of the wedding venues on the island are actually closed from October to Easter. Ibiza really slows down during the winter time and is considered off-season. Not only will you struggle to find a venue that is available and fully operational, you will also find that there are only a handful of direct flights into the island at this particular time of year. Ibiza really does sleep in the winter time!

From Easter onwards, more and more clubs, hotels and venues start opening again and the island really comes back to life. At the end of May, the clubs are celebrating their openings and more and more airlines are offering direct flights so you will likely get an easier route and a better deal from May onwards.

July and August are extremely busy in Ibiza so if you are hoping for something a little slower in pace, then you might want to forget about both of these holiday months.


Weather in Ibiza

July and August are incredibly hot in Ibiza and paired with the crowds, it’s not the most ideal time of year for a wedding. It is important to think of guest comfort and if you do have your heart set on a wedding in Ibiza at this time of the year, make sure you have plenty of water and hand fans close by to cool down.

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The best time to get married in Ibiza

I would highly recommend that you consider planning your wedding in Ibiza for the weeks during May & June or between September and October. During this time you find direct flights, hotels and venues with ease. There will be smaller crowds and party goers and the temperature, although warm, will be far more comfortable than the July and August peak. From a cost point of view, both flights and accommodation are more favourable during these months as schools will still be in session.

Happy planning!”

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