In less than a week, I will be another year older. Not wiser, just older. I can’t believe it. Normally, I’m not great with birthdays but now that I’ve only a few years left to celebrate my twenties, I figure I should just embrace them wholeheartedly with parties and more importantly, cake! My change of heart has a lot to do with a trend I’ve noticed over the past few months that I really do hope will catch on, candle wedding cake toppers. And particularly, the long, thin, and super cute taper candles. In most families, blowing out candles has always been the way to mark an important occasion or celebration so why not continue this on your wedding day? It’s so much fun and visually, it’s a great alternative to little mini figurines! We have rounded up a few of our favourites as examples that you are sure to enjoy. Pick up your own taper candles at Olive and Cocoa and Everyday Occasions!

Taper Candle CakesheaderTaper Candle Cakes_0005 Taper Candle Cakes_0004 Taper Candle Cakes_0002 Taper Candle Cakes_0001

Cream Ruffle Cake; Photography by White Loft Studio Photography, Design by Mayflour Cake + Confection | Yellow Cake; Seven Spoons | Pink Candle Cake; Olive and Cocoa | Blue Candle Cake; Everyday Occasions | Single Cake Candle; Lael Cakes | White Candle Cake; Kiss The Groom | Nut Cake; Roost Blog | S’mores Cake; Heather Christo | Red Candles; Photographer Unknown via Wistfully Country

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