I was super excited when these photographs arrived in my inbox! The first of three engagement shoots which were won by our readers… the very talented Ana Lui very kindly offered free engagement shoots to three lucky readers at a location of their choice in Ibiza.

Tamarin and Peter are planning their wedding in Ibiza for June 2012 and travelled over to the island recently for a wedding planning trip to meet their suppliers and also chose to meet up with Ana for their beach engagement shoot.

I really love these images, Tamarin and Peter look like they had great fun on the shoot. They even braved the sea at the end of their shoot, I’m sure the waters were very chilly this time of year!

The photo shoot was great, Ana is excellent at putting you at ease. I was really worried about having ‘natural’ photos taken, I am usually the ultimate poser in photos, and was worried about all the bits I don’t like about myself being on show. Luckily Ana is so brilliant at capturing emotion and at making you feel beautiful! I am so happy with the photos her general direction was really useful but being able to play around and be ourselves was so much fun!

I would absolutely recommend an engagement shoot. We have quite a few photos that we took ourselves at our sunrise engagement at the Grand Canyon, they are fantastic for all the tears and the moment but having a special time to celebrate and capture your love is excellent! Wedding planning can be stressful and all consuming so having the opportunity to really focus on and capture being engaged is so special. We have been engaged for a number of months now but those special hours on the beach have reignited the euphoria of the first few weeks!

I looked at a number of photographer portfolios and couldn’t help but be drawn to Ana’s photos. She has an amazing creative eye for detail and an ability to capture real emotion! All her pictures effortlessly portray the beauty of the Island, getting married in Summer in Spain means that you really need a special talent to capture the light and atmosphere of your wedding without making the pictures appear washed out. All of Ana’s photos perfectly convey the fun of the weddings she attends. We want our wedding to be a unique experience or all of our guests and I have total confidence that Ana will totally get and capture the vibe and feel of our special day. Photographs are very important to me and as soon as I saw pictures from weddings, that obviously weren’t my own, and could still imagine hanging them in my house and loving them I knew she was the one!

The thing that initially drew us to Ibiza is its incredibly spirituality and of course it’s amazing beauty! My fiancé was raised Catholic and his faith is very important to him. When we got engaged the only request he had was that we had a legal Catholic Service whereas I would have preferred a simple spiritual blessing outdoors. Ibiza gives us the opportunity to get the best of both worlds and this is what we will be doing!

A passion for travelling and a love of the sea means that it was always highly likely that we would get married away from home. We also have a number of guests travelling from as far afield as South Africa, Dubai, Australia, Chicago and New Zealand and by being in Ibiza we are all able to spend quality time with each other whilst having an excellent sunny holiday! Ibiza affords such a variety of entertainment that we will be able to cater for all our guests needs and this was really important for us we want everyone to have fun!

Our wedding is in June 2012. Plans are coming along nicely – travelling to the Island recently was great as we got to meet a number of suppliers face to face. We are not having a wedding planner so having complete confidence and strong relationships with our suppliers is really important to me.

The beautiful aquas and greens of the water and the sandy beach have me dreaming of sunny days by the sea…

Thank you Tamarin and Peter for telling us about your wedding plans.

Photography: Ana Lui Photography


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