Today’s Paris elopement is simply overflowing with beautiful goodness and I can’t begin to articulate just how much I love it. If I were to plan a perfect elopement for myself, it would probably look a lot like Chase and Amanda’s. Love blossomed for this gorgeous pair after meeting on a blind date and after what has to be one of the most romantic proposals ever, they began the process of planning their wedding day. When things started to get just a little bit too wedding crazy, they turned to their love of French culture, fashion, food and cinema for some divine inspiration and well, it’s pretty obvious where this led. Before you lose yourself in the beautiful imagery by the talented Kim Miller, be sure to pay attention to that engagement story. Honestly. Swoon.

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Will you please, please, please tell us about this amazing proposal?

“He completely surprised me. I was visiting two of my best friends in Nashville and we road-tripped to Elizabethtown, Kentucky because we all love the film Elizabethtown. We then drove to Louisville where they surprised me with dinner at The Brown Hotel (which is in the film). When we were seated the waiters apologized for having to seat us at a table of five instead of three seats and a special dish was made for us by compliments of the chef. Once the plates were put on the table, the waiter lifted the lid that was covering my plate and there was a beautiful arrangement of amazing looking food. However, located near the centre of the plate were rainbow sprinkles (which are my favourite), which surrounded my engagement ring!! Two seconds later, after it hit me what was happening… I turned to my left and my boyfriend (who I thought was in California the whole time) was standing right next to me!!”

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Why did you decide to have a destination wedding?

“We had visited a few really unique locations but it began to be really stressful even in the planning stages. My husband and I are really creative and wanted to have a really interesting and unique experience for all our loved ones at our wedding. However, that was evolving into a relatively daunting task. This led us to consider a destination wedding/elopement. My husband had always wanted to have a destination wedding and I was fairly intrigued by the originality of the idea.”

And was it difficult to decide a location?

“It was not difficult to decide on a location whatsoever. We both love French culture from the fashion, the food and the cinema. It was a no-brainer!”

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Did you face any challenges while planning?

“There weren’t really any challenges. I’m a pretty good planner and tend to get stuff done. So, luckily my dress designer and photographer were great with communicating via email and text. They responded very quickly.”

Was there a style or theme you were going for and if so, how did you achieve it?

“Yes, yet again… another film. My absolute favourite film is by director Sofia Coppola entitled Marie Antoinette. The colour scheme, music, costume design, hair, and makeup… virtually everything about that film is no less than brilliant. Hence why we chose Palais de Versailles as our destination wedding/elopement location. My dress and location were entirely inspired by the film.”

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What was the best decision you made?

“Eloping in Paris versus having a typical wedding in the States.”

And your most memorable moment?

“The whole experience in and of itself was remarkable. Traveling by train and metro in our wedding garb throughout the day was so much fun. But, my favourite moments occurred when people from so many different countries, speaking different languages, and of all ages noticed that we were walking around in our wedding garb and had gotten married. So many of those people we encountered were so affectionate and jubilant at the thought of us becoming husband and wife. Throughout our entire wedding day, men, women, and families from all over the world continually congratulated us. Those moments were so precious and beautiful.”

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Did any of your family and friends make the trip?

“We had a huge bridal shower prior to the wedding, but my husband and I were the only ones that flew to Paris. After our wedding/elopement we spent the next 3 weeks traveling around Paris, Barcelona, and the south of France, which I refer to as our “Weddingmoon.” Once we got back from Paris, we had two weekend-long houseboat receptions with our closest friends and family. Best of both worlds!”

Any regrets?

“No regrets at all.”

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Any finally Amanda, have you any advice for other couples that are perhaps in a similar situation?

“I highly recommend all you brides out there debating on what cater to go with, florist to choose, shade of bridesmaid’s dresses to settle on to… Pause… and just consider what marrying the love of your life is all about. Entering into a marriage with someone is solely about the union between you and your future husband. It’s not about the table centrepieces or assembling wedding favours for the guests. It’s about YOU and your spouse.”

Super big thanks to Amanda, Chase and of course, the wonderful Kim Miller for allowing us to share this fab wedding with you all. Be sure to check out Kim’s work on her webpage and we will see you back here very soon!

Photography: Kim Miller Photographs | Ceremony Venue: Palais de Versailles | Videographer; Chris & Kim Miller | Wedding Planner: Amanda Jensen | Bouquet; Bride created her own from vintage brooches | Wedding Dress: Claire La Faye | Groom’s Suit: Indochino | Shoes: Vintage | Bride’s Jewellery: Engagement/Wedding Ring by Mark Schneider | Wedding Celebrant: Ben George

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