Duvan, from Colombia in South America and Valentina from Italy, met during their PhD studies in Italy’s Trieste. They decided to marry in the countryside of Treviso for a number of reasons (which Valentina talks about below) and their spiritual celebration was created by the couple themselves, inspired by an animistic view of the world in which everything is connected. Their beautifully sun-drenched wedding day included tons of wildflowers, gorgeous rustic details and an amazingly colourful fruit platter “cake,” and was captured by the team at AV Photography.

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“We chose Italy and Treviso in particular for our wedding because our story started there and it’s where I’m from. We love the beautiful Treviso countryside and the food, wine and atmosphere there. The landscape also perfectly reflects our style- overall it was the perfect setting to celebrate our two souls becoming one.


I found the planning phase very demanding, not living where we were getting married made it difficult because  many of the processes would have been easier being physically present. However we didn’t use a wedding planner- we didn’t want to give responsibility to someone else for something that was to reflect our soul. We did everything ourselves, in particular writing the ceremony and the celebratory ritual surrounding it. The party afterwards was great and we really enjoyed that as well, but the most important part was the ceremony.


Our ceremony was a spiritual one, created by ourselves, but inspired by an animistic view of the world in which everything is connected. This concept is very abundant in Native American culture- since Duvan is Colombian we took some symbols from that culture. Everything starts and ends with mother earth, and the tree was a key symbol of the ceremony as the connection between our material beings (roots) and our spiritual lives (branches). The ceremony was celebrated barefoot under two huge trees. The thing I actually enjoyed most was writing the ceremony booklet with my husband beforehand- it ended up really representing our beliefs.


If we had advice for other couples getting married, it would be to live in the moment on your wedding day. Enjoy every bit of it as much as you can as it passes so quickly!”

Photography: AV Photography | Venue: Villa Tiepolo Passi | Rings & Accessories: BON BON Boutique | Wedding Dress: Atelier Maretti | Groom’s Suit: Ferracin | Hair Stylist: Angelo Giannulla | Make-Up Artist: LeChic | Flowers: Fioreria la Boheme | Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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    • Giada

      I love the atmosphere, the setting, the vintage details, the ceremony inspired by the Native American culture full of natural elements and symbols, and I love the photos! All that is pure magic! :)



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