Whoop! It is officially a day past summer and I am absolutely thrilled, scared and overwhelmed. As I sit here in Costa Coffee, on Baker Street in London, my mind is overflowing with plans for the months ahead. I’m officially leaving my full time job at the end of June, launching another wedding business in the next few weeks and have two destination weddings to look forward to. The first is in France in August where my beautiful friend Amanda will marry the lovely William. The second is in North Carolina in September for the big FAB wedding – Amy is marrying my handsome brother. Yep. Did I mention she is to be my sister in law?! Maybe not. She’s been the best thing to a biological sister for the past 14 years anyway so it was marry her off to one of my siblings or have my parents adopt her, and so we are thrilled to have the day out. In the middle of it all, Mike and I are planning a 6 month trip around the world while we have no real ties such as houses or babies at home. The plan is to leave after Amanda’s wedding, fly to South America for 6 weeks and then head up to Atlanta for a whole week of merriment with the family at a mountain estate in NC. So, basically – my life is just so great right now and I’m cautiously looking around ready to fight off anyone and anything who is considering spoiling it for me. I’m in a good mood, the weather is fabulous today and I felt it was time to share this summer wedding inspiration board with you. Greens in the sun always serve as a perfect backdrop and paired with peach and blush hues, well it all comes together quite lovely. If you are planning a summer wedding and want to recreate this look, it’s all about inspiration from the outdoors. Set the scene outside or bring it in. Use plenty of flowers and foliage and even incorporate some actual peach fruits into the mix. Enjoy the rest of this sunny day ladies!

Summer Wedding Colours

Image Credits; Landon Jacob | Jose Villa | Odalys Mendez | Laura Godron | Leo Patrone | Elizabeth Messina for Little Borrowed Dress | Flickr | Isa Photography and Simply Peachy | Rylee Hitchner and Joy Thigpen

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  1. Lauren

    We’re totally on the same page today! Isn’t that cake fab?! I love all the greenery you’ve got going on. Beautiful!

    • Lindsay

      I just saw that on facebook Lauren! Great minds! I’m more than obsessed with green and gold. Like, since the start of last year and I’m wondering how long it’s going to last. If something isn’t working, I’m going for gold! My mouth is watering looking at yours!


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