The Irish summer has been really quite amazing. We had at least a record amount of days with glorious sunshine (a full week of heatwave) and men and women alike were comparing their sunburn and farmer tans as a measure of how good each day actually was. BBQs were sold out and garden parties were taking place in homes all around the country. With the fine weather, I took to trying out some of my favourite pinned salads and on one of the evenings, we had a little summer soiree in our own garden, so the summer cocktail recipes came out. I’ll try any cocktail once (more like twice to be sure!) but many people have a liquor of choice and it got me thinking about wedding cocktails, and those for a hot summer destination wedding. In today’s post, we have rounded up three cocktails for each of the most popular liquor types, starting with perhaps the least desired… tequila!

Summer Wedding Cocktails

I’ll admit it. The only time I ever have tequila is when the night has gone on so long that I can’t string the sentence, “no thank you, it’s the devil” together. It is always, always the fatal shot for me. I’m pretty stubborn though, and determined to find a way to enjoy it sensibly, my mission is to create at least one of these yummy looking cocktails. I’m hopeful that I will like the Blood Orange Margarita, less optimistic about the Cucumber Cocktail ( I feel a bit “meh” about cucumbers but it looks so refreshing and one of my besties loves them) and simply can’t wait to try the Forzen Mango Cocktail with lime. I adore mangos and all frozen cocktails are a winner in my book.

Summer Wedding Cocktails

Vodka is more of a crowd pleaser and honestly such an easy spirit to make taste pleasant or, dare I say it, even completely enjoyable! Perfect for a summer wedding, this Vodka Lemonade is making my mouth water and I’m so sure guests will enjoy the fizz in the heat. I have already tried the Strawberry and  Pineapple Caipirosca and it is absolutely delish.  Finally, the The Shucks Deluxe is a real fresh and peachy treat that even the boys will enjoy.

Rum Wedding Cocktails

On to my favourite… rum! Just the smell of rum has me dreaming of drinks by the pool and in my opinion, it’s the perfect spirit for a summer wedding cocktail. My drink of choice is malibu, cranberry and 2 slices of lime! I’ll definitely be trying the Rhubarb Mojito as Mike’s mother has some nice rhubarb saved in the freezer for me. The frozen Mango Daiquiri will quench a thirst for sure and finally, this Strawberry Lime Sangria already has me dreaming of a wedding in Spain.

Gin Wedding Cocktails

Gin is my mother’s favourite drink and I enjoy it with a tonic but I’ve never ever ordered it any other way. I’m completely amused by these gin cocktails, especially the Cardamom Berry Smash as I love berries! Mixing something you are not so sure about with something you love is always a good way to try out new things. The French Ricky adds strawberries to the gin and tonic so I’m pretty sure this one would go down well in my house and with all of my aunts, while the Sun Dog will take bitter to the max with grapefruit juice and salt.

Champagne Wedding Cocktails

A wedding isn’t complete without champagne and adding a twist by introducing it in cocktail form will certainly go down well with most summer lovin’ wedding guests. The Raspberry Strawberry Champagne Cocktail is sweet and the Tangerine and Limoncello Cocktail has a real bite to it, but my favourite is the classic peach Bellini.

Whiskey Wedding Cocktails

It was only fair to include something for the lads although I can guarantee you that most of them would prefer a fruitier cocktail. Hows and ever, we move onto whiskey. The Orange Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail is straight up Jack Daniels with enough orange zest and maple syrup to add sweetness to your summer wedding abroad, but if it’s not fresh enough the Bourbon Cherry Cooler or Whiskey Lemonade might just do the trick.

Whatever your summer wedding cocktail, enjoy and as always, serve and drink responsibly…

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  1. Jessica {Storyboard Wedding}

    Weeeellll now that I have my 10:30am craving for a cocktail thank you very much! ;) Loooove all of these amazing artisional cocktails that are coming around these days, so freakin tasty! When are we grabbing one!?

    • Amy

      Ha ha it’s like seeing a post on cakes at lunch time.. no other food will satisfy me then until I get cake! People should just have cake and cocktails at weddings.

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