Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day! We have an especially beautiful wedding for you today in celebration of this romantic time of year. Nadia and Chester, from Hong Kong, met through Facebook before tying the knot at this sublime wedding ceremony in Italy. Nadia had fallen in love on holiday with the landscape of Tuscany as well as its people, food and culture and wanted to share it with her wedding guests, so they decided to marry amidst the beautifully rolling hills of Val d’Orcia. Their wedding is truly superb, captured by the amazingly talented Gianluca Adovasio.

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“We met on Facebook! It’s an interesting story: we were both international students at the Rutgers University. My school documents for my student visa arrived late and I was pretty worried. So, I contacted a Rutgers student who’s also from Hong Kong through Facebook, and asked about his experience: my husband now was the student that I contacted. We dated for almost seven years when he proposed to me during our vacation in the States.


I always dreamt of having an intimate wedding on a grassland which we could hardly find in Hong Kong. When I went through wedding blogs, I fell in love with Tuscany. I had travelled to Italy before and loved its landscape, people, food and culture. Therefore, I wanted to share them with my family and friends on our big day. Our biggest challenge was to trim down our guest list. I wanted a small and intimate wedding, but there were many family members and friends that we would like to invite! The wedding style we went for was rustic glamour and the palette was pale pink.


I found weddings planned by Varese Wedding featured on wedding blogs, and fell in love with their style. We started our planning almost a year before the wedding. Varese Wedding always replied promptly and suggested great vendors. The whole planning was easy and relaxed. I would advise future brides to look for a wedding planner if they are planning a destination wedding.”

Photographer: Gianluca Adovasio | Wedding Planner: Varese Wedding | Venue: Rombolino | Videographer: Marcoabba Videography | Florist: Stiatti Fiori | Catering: Preludio Noleggio | Bride’s Dresses: Vera Wang & Carol Hannah | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Celebrant: Andrea Piana | Hair & Makeup: Lara Navarrini

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