To say I’m obsessed with todays stunning Sicily wedding would be an understatement. And a major one. I can’t say I’m surprised, as one of our fab planning partners,White Emotion directed this beautiful affair and everything they touch seems to turn to magic. From the impeccably styled bridal party to the beautiful tablescapes, no detail of this weddingwas an accident and we just love how it was captured so beautifully by Serena Cevenini

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“Guilia and I met in college. We were both enrolled in the marketing management program in a Business school in Milan but in separate classes. Key to our destiny was the day I lost my early morning train and I was forced to join her class in place of mine. That was the first time I bumped into her and the point in time when everything began.

A couple of years ago we went to Sicily for a short holiday. By chance we passed by the small town of Scopello where the wonders of an old fishermen harbour captivated us. It was the first time we saw the “Tonnara” (literally “place where you fish for tuna”). From the moment we stepped onto the old streets  of the village we got blown away. It was such a timeless place.. Old boats on the water’s edge, rusty anchors, a 500 year old mansion facing pristine turquoise waters.. All in Sicily, the most authentic and vibrant part of Southernmost Italy narrated in the best Tornatore’s movies. The land of vivid colours, intense perfumes, passion and flavourful food. While we were walking trough the old plaza of the Tonnara, with no hesitation, we told each other that, if ever we had got married, that would have been our place.
The intimate and remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city felt like the perfect idea for our wedding: a small reception, with our fondest friends and relatives in the stunning scenario of the gulf of Scopello.

When it came the day of the proposal, we said unanimously “let’s do it, let the journey to Sicily begin”.

We were in love with the shabby chic style of the village and this really came to light when planning. The time worn wooden furniture, cotton and linen fabrics, Sabre tea spoon and lavender flowers. We wanted the same romantic and cozy atmosphere for our wedding. For us, Tonnara di Scopello was a triumph and really had the most romantic shabby chic feeling with a touch of marine. In this remote place, the lavender and dried salt smells melted together and the palette was created naturally by the landscape: rose and beige tuff cliffs, lavender bushes and prickly pear plants, all surrounded by a bright turquoise sea.

We chose white cotton for tablecloth with a beige jute runner, cream and white linen for the napkins, distressed wooden decor, hearth shaped pendants and thousands of white candles. For florals, we wanted to keep it very simple and chose rosemary plants, camomile flowers, sage leaves and prickly pear with babies breath.

When we started looking at photographers for our wedding we developed a profound sense of disappointment towards the classic coated pictures we were coming across in the common websites and standard wedding photo studio catalogues. Even the usual wedding magazine pictures were not fully meeting our expectations and were so far from our aesthetic preferences. We wanted something less glossy and perfect. We were not looking for beauty itself, rather something that crystalised the emotional intensity of the moments of the day. Something romantic but authentic.. without being posed. When we came across the blog of Serena Cevenini, it was love at first sight. She was exactly what we were looking for. Her pictures really captured the essence of the day. Romantic, intimate but with her subtle and elegant touch.

From Giulia “For my dress, I was looking for something simple and elegant, in line with the spirit of the location and its vintage atmosphere. I love “Pizzo” which incidentally is the traditional fabric used in classic Sicilian handcrafted womenswear. I knew the moment I put on my dress in  the Milanese boutique “Le spose Di Milano”, that I had found the one. I felt completely myself and ready for that end of summer day in Sicily.”

Michele – ” I decided to wear a tailor-made suit inspired by an old Italian portrait that my personal tailor found in his grandfather’s house. It was an old postcard from the late 20s showing a young gentleman wearing a double-breasted blue jacket paired with beige trousers. In the old days, double-breasted jackets were typically the Navy officers uniform used for the most solemn ceremonies and functions. It was considered a very high form of elegance, a classy and an extremely smart outfit. When my tailor proposed this an option, I loved it. For our ancient location by the sea this was a perfect fit.

For favours, we wanted our guests to co-create with us their own gifts. Moreover, we wanted them to bring back home some memories of our day. This is how the idea of the “memory bag” came to life. We provided them with a jute bag and asked them to stow the memories of our wedding in it: on an old sideboard we displayed small containers with various local herbs, sea salt, sand & confetti. We let them pack their own bag, with the number and type of treasures they were wanted to take.

Living in the United Arab Emirates, it was really important for us to have a planner on the ground. Alessia Santa, owner of White Emotion, was our super wedding planner. She helped us out with the organisation of the wedding from the conception to the realisation of the day itself.  She become our contact point with all the local suppliers and she helped us to identify and shortlist them. She inspected the location and she made all things come together the day of the wedding.

For us, the most memorable moment was when our friends surprised us with a flash mob dance. In the middle of the dinner the DJ played “Say a little pray for you” and they started to dance in unison to amazing choreography along with our parents and relatives. It was incredible because we didn’t expect it and we ended up dancing all together.”

Wedding Planner: White Emotion | Photography: Serena Cevenini | Location: Tonnara di Scopello |
Caterer: Valentino Catering | Wedding Dress: Le Spose di Milano

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