When we went to Paris in January we were lucky enough to get to use several SteamLine luggage cases. These were intended to be photographed but of course we ended up packing some of our gear and using them as they were intended on our way over to Paris. I have to say, we never felt like such stylish travellers before! We got comments and looks from fellow passengers, and quite a few people asked us where we got them. As you can see from the images below, it’s hard not to fall in love with these stylish vintage cases. We talk to Sara who has more to say about the company below:

SteamLine Luggage

Can you tell us a little bit about SteamLine and what your company offers?

SteamLine offers a range of vintage style luggage, leather bound with modern amenities.

Where are you based and what cities/ countries do you deliver to?

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and ship to all European destinations and Australia from here. But we have a warehouse in the US where we can facilitate our US and Canadian customers more easily.

SteamLine Luggage

Some of the collections come in quite vibrant colours, what were the design influences behind the collections?

We love using vintage styles and adding a modern twist so the vibrant colours help give it that edge from strictly traditional old cases.

SteamLine Luggage

What advice would you have on taking care of SteamLine suitcases when traveling?

All our luggage comes with a waterproof or protective bag that slips over the case so that it can be rolled with the trolley handle extended for protection. But SteamLine fans shouldn’t fear the marks the cases may gather while on the move. These imperfections are all part of the experience of adventure!

SteamLine Luggage

Have you got any exciting plans or news that you’d like to tell us about?

We are launching a collaborative project with Kate Spade New York this May to celebrate their 20th anniversary. The cases we are producing are a lovely blend of the classic SteamLine look with Kate Spade flair. The inside is a special Kate Spade bow print for the anniversary.

SteamLine Luggage

Be sure to check out SteamLine‘s website and Facebook page for more info and images. Oh and Happy Easter!

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