A very sweet first look, plenty of confetti throwing and some serious crowd surfing is what we have to kick start your week and let me tell you, it is one destination wedding you don’t want to miss. This South of France beach wedding in Cogolin really had the fun factor and as these images by Charles Séguy show, the party started early in the day and just kept on going. A beautiful event, filled with love and laughter. The perfect recipe for the most memorable of days.

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From the Bride

How did you get engaged?

“Florent asked me to marry him while on a trip to Mexico. He proposed to me on an isolated beach on Isla Holbox. It was quite amazing. A few months later we had an engagement party with our close family and friends in the North of France.”

Where did you get married and how did you decide on the location and venue?

“We got married in the Var region in South of France. The religious ceremony was in Cogolin and the party was held in Ramatuelle, on the Pampelonne beach. We wanted to get married in the South of France as Florent had spent most of his summer holidays there with his family. Friends recommended the venue to us and it to us and it was just love at first sight. We really liked the beach cabin look, the view of the sea and the idea of having a party on the beach was just so appealing.”

What challenges did you face while planning and how did you overcome them?

“The challenges we faced were mainly due to long distance planning.  We live in London so we had to spend quite a lot of time on the phone, sending emails and doing a lot of follow-up with the suppliers. Also, we had to travel quite a lot to South of France but also to Paris where I had my wedding dress made.”

Was there a style or theme you were going for and if so, how did you achieve it?

“The theme we chose was a travel theme as it is something we are both passionate about and we have travelled a lot together throughout our relationship. We first designed an invitation as a flight ticket and then the decor had travel themed details: vintage suitcases, globes, vintage cards, seating plan as a world map, name tags in a plane shape…”

What was the best decision you made?

“The best decision we made was hiring a gospel group for our religious ceremony. They brought a lot of joy and emotion to the ceremony, it was a really moving and happy moment of the day.”

What was your most memorable moment?

“There were many, it is hard to pick one! I would say one of the most memorable moments was when before dinner, everyone danced crazy for like 15 minutes on the beach. The atmosphere was amazing, all our friends dancing on the beach… the party had started already at 8:30”

Any advice?

“I would advise to plan as much ahead as you can as it’s great to be able to relax just before. Also, the more things are planned ahead, the less stressed you are on the wedding day. In addition to a photographer, I also definitely recommend hiring someone to film the day and make a video as it really brings something different. Finally, quite basic but essential information, enjoy as much as you can the day as it goes so fast!

Photography: Charles Séguy | Wedding Dress: Lorafolk | Bridal Shoes: Alix of Forest | Bridal Accessories: Spring  | Flowers Wreath Chris Flowers | Grooms Attire: De Fursac | Shoes: Paul Smith | Accessories: Colonel Mustard | Florist: Chris Flowers in Cogolin | Makeup: Emmanuelle Pereira | Hairstyle: Laura Magnoli | Car Rental: Classic Auto Loc | Venue: the Beach Twins | Videographer: Pierre-Louis Deledalle | DJ Workshop Alix Ceze


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