One bridal item we have failed to highlight before is the wedding garter. When you can’t see it, it’s sometimes easier to forget but traditionally it has always been an essential part of the bride’s attire. So how did this little garment- customarily used to hold up socks, make it into bridal wear in the first place? Well, back in the day – it is told that the bride and groom were accompanied back to their bedroom to ensure a safe arrival and if that isn’t baffling enough, it was considered good luck for guests to go home with a piece of the bride’s wedding dress. Over time, this apparently evolved into the bride being thrown to floor by guests wanting a piece of her gown and at some point, mid tumult, her garter holding her stockings would be tossed into the air. The person who caught it was said to be the luckiest member of the party and the next to marry! To restore a little decorum, it’s thought that it became a tradition to toss the garter during the wedding reception instead, making a bit of a ceremony about it and today, it’s a wedding ritual that is still seen quite regularly. I have to admit, it’s a little item that I haven’t given a huge amount of thought to until recently, and whether you decide to stay true to tradition or not by tossing the garter at your wedding, there are so many other reasons to wear one on your wedding day. For one, it will really make you feel like a bride. By purchasing a set, i.e. one to throw and one to keep, it’s something small and sentimental that you can hold on to for years to come and perhaps pass on as an heirloom. Lastly, they are pretty and fun and come in all sorts of lovely styles and colours, so if you are stuck for your something blue, a garter could be your answer. Today, we are sharing one of our favourite garter shops with you and a selection from their pretty range. The Garter Girl has this bridal accessory down to a fine art and offers lots of tips and advice for both choosing one and wearing one as well as a beautiful selection of lace and silk garters featuring gorgeous ribbons and pretty colours. Here are some of our personal favorites!

Lace-Bridal-Garters_3 Lace-Bridal-Garters_0001Lace-Bridal-Garters_2Lace-Bridal-Garters_6Lace-Bridal-Garters_5 Silk Garters from the Garter Girl Lace-Bridal-Garters_7 Lace-Bridal-Garters_8 Lace-Bridal-Garters_4

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