Browsing through these beautiful images of Sabrina and Vinny’s elopement in Paris I know what Audrey Hepburn meant when she said that “Paris is always a good idea”.  Embracing all that Paris had to offer, this loved up pair didn’t let last minute closures and changes to their plans get in the way of having fun on their wedding day and instead, decided to just roll with it and let the day flow naturally. It worked out so beautifully and of course, Kim Smith Miller captured every special moments and we are so happy to be able to share their wedding story with you.

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From Photographer Kim
“Sabrina and Vinny’s elopement felt like the full package. It was sweet and romantic, but never took itself too seriously to the point of feeling stiff or un-relatable. They made plans, but relished when things took a sudden steer off-course (like when the Temple de la Sybille in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont was suddenly closed to the public, so they snagged a spot on the grass below it and proceeded to get married!), made room for spontaneity to unfold and just enjoyed the ride for all it was worth.

Paris really welcomed Sabrina and Vinny. Our 2CV driver honked for Sabrina and Vinny as we parted the crowds of people on our way up to Sacre-Coeur. Everyone was cheering, taking photos and waving, Sabrina and Vinny couldn’t stop smiling and waving back. On our walk back down, some teenage girls stopped them for a selfie – they couldn’t help but feel like celebrities and it really made what was originally supposed to be a private, intimate elopement feel much more grand!

The funniest part of the day was probably towards the end! Just as we were about to wrap up shooting at our last location for the night, the three of us were on the Metro when Sabrina scooted over in her seat to make room for Vinny. Except she forget that the seats flip back up when not in use, so when she tried to move to the seat next to her she instead fell flat on the ground. Her reaction was priceless – no tears or embarrassment, just belly laughs full of pure joy as Vinny helped her back up.

Wrapping up the evening with a stop at the crepe stand across the street from Champ de Mars, I’l never forget hearing Sabrina say, “I can’t believe I’m eating crepes under the Eiffel Tower with my HUSBAND!” Though hundreds of couples elope in Paris every single day, the way these two truly appreciated and basked in the experience – rather than running down a premeditated list of must-see’s – was so incredibly refreshing.”

Photography; Kim Smith Miller | Hair & Make Up: Sanni Sorma | 2 CV Car Rental;  4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie 

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