Charis and Mark, from Australia, chose Paris for their elopement because they felt a deep connection to the city. Their choice of ceremony location, the Musee des Archives Nationales, was a beautiful one- this secluded spot is not commonly used for wedding celebrations. It was the couple’s own secret Parisian garden wedding, beautifully captured on camera by Maya Marechal.

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“We met in 2006 in the small country town of Albany in western Australia, after which we traveled Europe together and settled in Edinburgh. Our move back to Australia happened in late 2007, and Mark proposed on the tidal flats in Dampier (western Australia) on a warm evening with the sky full of amazing shades of pink, blue and purple.


We felt a connection to Paris when we visited many years ago- we loved the culture, style, history, architecture, gardens and the French people, as well as a love of the city’s boulangeries and florists. There is also a distant family connection to France. We both find joy in the small things, that together amount to an overwhelming sense of wellbeing, exhilaration and peacefulness. We wanted to celebrate our love in surroundings that we felt a deep connection to, and this is why we chose Paris.”

Photography: Maya Maréchal | Ceremony Location: Musée des Archives Nationales | Bride’s Gown: Jenny Packham | Headpiece: Jenny Packham | Bride’s Shoes: Enrico Antinori | Hair & Makeup: Sanni Sorma |Wedding Rings: Mark Blyth Fine Jewellery | Groom’s Attire: Country Road | Groom’s Shoes: Betts | Groom’s Accessories: Mrs. Bowtie | Bouquet: Artisan Fleuriste

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  1. Nadia

    I love bride’s retro chic style – it is perfect for a wedding in Paris. Amazing images and very lovely newlyweds.


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