Nora and Mark, from Germany, chose to travel to Portugal for their wedding for its sunny beaches and great food. They also had the idea of getting married at a secret beach, and managed to find the perfect spot in the Algarve. The couple tied the knot last June in a sandy cove only accessible by boat, and made the day even more fun for guests by celebrating on the boat trip there and back. The morning of the wedding the couple got ready in adjoining hotel rooms, with Mark taking their guests afterwards on an unforgettable boat tour of the beautiful Algarve cliffs en route to the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile Nora took a smaller boat out and made it to the beach first. When the guests arrived to the secret cove, the ceremony site was ready and the music started to play. Parents and siblings contributed to the ceremony with stories and wishes for Nora and Mark’s future life together. After the wedding, the guests returned to the boat, took their beach garments off and jumped in the sea. Music, champagne and even some dolphin-spotting later, the party returned to land. Cocktail hour commenced with the reception dinner in a beautiful intimate restaurant overlooking the sea and the sunset, all captured by Fotografamos. What a perfect adventure!

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Photography: Fotografamos | Wedding Planners: Algarve Wedding Planners | Getting Ready venue: Grande Real Santa Eulália | Venue: Evaristo | Boat Experience: AlgarExperience | Flowers: Jasmim em Flor | Makeup: Jar Studios | Music: Twin Flames | Boat DJ: Christian Gebhart- Dj Gigi

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