David and Fiona married last June in Montenegro. The couple met eighteen years ago with David popping the question on a visit to Paris in a small bistro near the Tuileries Garden. Photographer Vanja Melnik flew from Serbia to capture their celebration, and says the wedding day began with a terrible storm and nothing went as planned, but the bride remained calm and happy, and everyone followed her lead. We love the idea of the bride saving the day, as well as Fiona and David’s sublime choice of wedding destination.

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“I always planned on a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family members and knew I wanted to hold our wedding outside of the UK.  I knew I wanted one bridesmaid which would be my sister.  After visiting Montenegro during a summer holiday David and I decided it would be the perfect place for our wedding.  Sveti Stefan provided the perfect backdrop to the wedding as it is steeped in history and incredibly pretty. I wanted to keep the colour palette neutral and the style very simple as I really wanted the scenery to be the main focus of the day.  The main colours were ivory, champagne, coffee coloured flowers and lots of greenery to tie in with the colours of the location.  The bridesmaid and groomsmen all were in similar shades of a coffee colour.  My dress was a champagne colour rather than white so the colours blended together.  As my dress was entirely lace detail I wanted the bridesmaid dress to be a contrast therefore opted for silk, choosing a dress which was long in length and fitted.

I wanted to keep the table settings very simple but sharp and clean.  For the table I wanted people’s eyes to be drawn to the flowers so the flower pieces were designed to flow onto the table itself, again tying in with the lush greenery of the surroundings and mirroring the flowers within the bridal bouquet. Rather than have numerous round tables we decided to have one long table with the bride and groom at the centre.  Table settings were again simple in design and unfussy using white cloths and silver cutlery.  Food and drink menus and name places were positioned within the napkins.  All the chairs had a small flower piece in keeping with the colour scheme attached to them.  We intentionally chose to only have place settings and flowers, with a few candles here and there on the tables.


The most unique element of our wedding was the location.  Villa Milocer, where the wedding was held, was the perfect place as it provided exquisite views of the sea, mountains and the island of Sveti Stefan.  Villa Milocer also used to the summer residence of the Queen of Montenegro so provided our guests with an opportunity to learn more about Montenegro.  We wanted the location to have the starring role during our wedding so did not over-complicate matters with fussy décor.    We specifically chose to serve our favourite cocktails after the ceremony along with our favourite canapes. The cocktails that were chosen represented different holidays we had enjoyed together and places we had experienced together.


My favourite moment was walking out of Villa Milocer and down the aisle to be greeted by David.  The backdrop of the sea and the island of Sveti Stefan behind him added to the drama and intensity of the moment.  Also, we had asked a close friend, who is an excellent musician, to play guitar and sing a song he had specifically penned for our wedding day for me to walk down the aisle to.  This made the wedding even more personal.  The ceremony itself was conducted in Montenegrin with an English translator, I really liked this aspect as it provided authenticity to the surroundings.

The key element to our wedding was intimacy so that each guest really felt part of the day.  To achieve this we hired the entire Villa for the weekend of the wedding ensuring it was private to our party.  This meant that whilst wandering around the villa, the gardens or the Villa’s beach you would only bump into a wedding guest.  Our guests were also residing in the Villa therefore it created an atmosphere of one large family home! We also provided each guest with a schedule for the wedding day upon arrival at Villa Milocer, which again was in keeping with the colour scheme.  David and I were residing on the island of Sveti Stefan.  On the wedding morning David dressed at the Villa and I dressed on the island which afforded me the beautiful journey from the island to the Villa for the ceremony.


The gown was my favourite element of the day!  It was a beautiful creation from Pro Novias, Barcelona.  I had four fittings at their London branch in Bond Street.  The design of the dress wasn’t something I had planned on but as soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one!  It is incredibly detailed and such an unusual colour I fell in love with it immediately!  My engagement ring is a yellow diamond so the champagne colour of the wedding gown matched it perfectly.  The bridesmaid dress was also purchased from Pro Novias and complimented the colour of my gown perfectly.  Purchasing both gowns from the same place allowed me and my sister to go for fittings together and try the gowns on at the same time which helped to create a vision for the day. The wedding cake was transported to Montenegro from the UK as we wanted a traditional British fruit cake with white icing!  Again it was simple in design and in keeping with the colour scheme.  It was decorated with fresh flowers like those in the bridal bouquet.

The flowers were another element of the day I was very pleased with.  I had met with the florist on a couple of occasions to share my ideas and gain feedback and what was realistic in terms of availability etc.  We worked very closely together to produce the finished article.  I chose colours that blended not only with my gown but the bridesmaid’s gown.  The flowers themselves were so varied we ended up using three different suppliers in order to achieve the desired look.  I wanted my bouquet to be large and quite wild in style using lots of roses, brides protea and foliage.  The bridesmaid’s bouquet was a smaller version of the bride’s.  During the ceremony there were two large flower displays either side of the bride and groom of around 1.5 metres in height.  I wanted the flower displays to have real impact and also be quite wild in style so they would be in keeping with the surroundings.  The back drop to the wedding ceremony was the sea so the flowers needed to blend with the colours of the sea and pebble beach.  My favourite floral display was the garland used to dress the stone stairs I walked down as part of my journey to the ceremony.  I specifically wanted to keep this garland as natural as possible so it complimented the stone of the Villa stairs.  Again, the foliage and roses used were in keeping with the bouquets and also reflected the wild, rugged sentiment I was hoping to create.


Although this may sound very clichéd the biggest piece of advice I would give any bride to be is to enjoy the day!  Savour and truly experience every single moment as the day whizzes past you so quickly.  Enjoy every aspect from the moment you open your eyes on the morning!  Once the day arrives you have to go with the flow and let any problems, should they occur, roll over you.  It’s always wise to have a back-up plan for the day especially if you are planning on holding parts of the day outdoors.  The majority of our day was planned to take place outside but on the actual wedding day it rained therefore we had to resort to a Plan B.  I was lucky as I had an excellent team of people working with me who were able to work quickly with the problems the weather threw at us.  It’s also worthwhile spending some time researching testimonials of those companies you are planning to use!”

Photographer: Vanja Melnik Photography | Wedding Planner: Montenegro Weddings | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Wedding Shoes: LK Bennett | Venue: Aman Resort Sv Stefan

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