We’re not a massive fan of typical beach weddings here at Fly Away Bride so when this one landed in our inbox we were very intrigued. We also knew it would be a definite fit for us as it came from Nordica Photography, one of our favourite photography teams. Couple Emma and Jonny sought a location with views to die for and a relaxed vibe, so Scotland was the ideal place to go. They were adamant they would get married outside and found the perfect spot on a small beach close to their reception venue. It’s a good thing they had both made a pact beforehand to stay relaxed whatever happened, as it started to rain just before their ceremony and didn’t stop for the rest of the day! Vows ended up being exchanged not only on the beach but actually in the water, with wellies, umbrellas, and lots of laughter. We love the beautiful misty atmosphere the rain created, and in the end Emma and Jonny wouldn’t have changed the weather for the world.

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“We love Scotland and have a big connection with this area, so after stumbling across Crear it seemed like the obvious choice of wedding venue, the stunning views and relaxed atmosphere were exactly what we wanted. Once the venue was decided the décor fell into place as the obvious choice was to include the colours of the surrounding landscape. We felt it was important to have a relaxed day, free of stress, so we both agreed to go with the flow without any set expectations. This turned out to be the right choice as just before we got married it started raining and did not stop until we went to bed. Above anything else we wanted to get married outside and had spent lots of time finding the perfect location on a small beach close to the venue, we had no backup plan in-case it rained. It was amazing to see all of our friends and family standing in the rain, getting so very wet, just to see us get married. In the end we wouldn’t change a thing about the weather; we loved the rain, it created the perfect atmosphere and added an extra fun element. It was the perfect day made only better by our amazing photographer who was more than happy to run around the beach and through chest-high bracken with us in the rain.”

Photography: Nordica Photography | Venue: Crear | Flowers: Crear Flowers | Celebrant: Annie Loughlin | Cheese Cake: The West Country Cheese Company | Entertainment: Bash Acoustic | Decorations & Stationary: DIY

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