Newlyweds Cheny and Bryan flew from New York to Greece for their honeymoon after getting married at home in Brooklyn. They spent some time in Athens before flying to the island of Santorini for their honeymoon photo session with Elias Kordelakos. The couple love to travel and had heard wonderful things about this beautiful island, so they made sure to arrange a photo session both to capture the beauty and to commemorate their love. We love the warm light of these images set against the azure of the ocean, the white and cobalt of Oia’s traditional buildings, and the perfect Santorini sky.

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Cheny and Bryan met through mutual friends in high school, but their love story didn’t begin until years later when Cheny was stranded late at night somewhere looking for a way home.  Sweet and lovely Bryan came to her rescue. He offered to drive her home.  Cheny was grateful and gave her phone number so he could contact her. They have been inseparable ever since. The couple had their wedding in their hometown in Brooklyn, New York. They wanted to share their big day with all their family and friends. Of course, there’s no place like home to get married! At the same time, they both love to travel and go on adventures, so the newlyweds chose Greece as their honeymoon spot. After hearing so much about the magical island of Santorini, they decided they wanted to capture the beauty with a honeymoon photo session. They met Elias in Athens for a warm-up photo session so they’d be camera ready for the Santorini photoshoot. The couple returned home with beautiful photos to capture their love, smiles and honeymoon.

Photography: Elias Kordelakos

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