Taylor and Mike decided a year before their wedding that they wanted to marry on the Greek island of Santorini. However they soon learned that many of their guests would not be able to fly from the US to attend an exotic elopement so far away. So instead of not having their friends present they brought the islands to them and threw a “surprise” wedding at their engagement party. Friends and family watched them share their vows and dedicate their lives to one another. A little less than a year later the couple set off to the Greek Islands for the event they had been waiting for: their second wedding, captured by Megan Saul Photography. Their Santorini elopement was a day dedicated to love, wine and an adventure with vows spread out throughout the day. Everything was left simple: no decor or flowers, just beautiful scenery, the ocean and of course their love for each other.

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Photography: Megan Saul Photography | Venue: Santos Winery

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