We love the light, whimsical style favored by this Saja Wedding 2016 bridal range. The gowns all have a timeless and elegant air, which we think is so, so important in a wedding dress. Many of the gown feature a simple base design with transparent over-layering, some of which are also embellished beautifully with embroidery. Designer Yoo Lee founded Saja Wedding in 2000, moving from women’s fashion to specialise in bridal and occasion wear. She chose the name Saja both for its simplicity and Korean meaning: “lion”. Based in New York, Saja Wedding is available around the world as well as at our own Adorn Bridal in Dublin. 

Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0012Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0013Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0008 Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0007 Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0009Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0001Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0000Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0004Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0005Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0010Saja Gowns 2016 Images by www.dayaneohira.com_0011

Photography: Dayane Ohira | Gowns: Saja Wedding | Makeup: Christopher Marcum | Hair: Katelyn McGinn |
Jewelry: Estate Diamond Jewelry | Model: Molly Gay for Click Models


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