Hannah and James wanted a relaxed affair for their wedding, and for them that meant a destination wedding in Italy. The couple flew from Manchester in the UK to one of the most stunning venues we’ve come across- Casina Di Poggio Della Rot, just an hour north of Rome. Hannah and James were glad to avoid a complicated and difficult planning process by hiring a wedding planner on site. Their elegant, rustic-chic celebration was perfectly captured in film by the talented Daniele from Jay Studio; we absolutely love the delicately soft quality to these images, as well as the amazing day they picture!

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“James and I were next door neighbours but had never met (who doesn’t love a boy next door story?) I was back in my home city for the summer after graduating from university. I was leaving soon to take a job in Manchester and had a house party to celebrate. I went next door to warn my parent’s neighbours, who I’d never met as I had already left home when they moved in. James opened the door- he was only visiting his family for the weekend as he was a student in Manchester. And the rest as they say is history! I ended up travelling hundreds of miles to start my new life just to fall in love with the boy next door! As far as our wedding is concerned, our only pre-requisite was that we wanted a relaxed affair, and for us a wedding in Italy would ensure that. A friend put us in touch with the wonderful Francesca from DreamWeddings and Daniele from Jay Studio, and from there our perfect day was created! What would’ve been a difficult and complicated planning process at home, was made a fun and exciting prospect with Francesca and Daniele at our side.”

Photography: Jay Studio | Venue: Casina Di Poggio Della Rota | Wedding Planner: Dream Weddings | Makeup: Asia Makeup | Florist: Il Posto delle Farfalle | Catering: Dove Vuoi

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