I have fallen so hard for the very beautiful colour palette todays Rome shoot is bursting with. Although I enjoy a winter, I just love to see cherry blossoms announce the arrival of Spring and Janne from Warmphoto was inspired by the same. A fairy like tree with it’s delicate purple and pink petals providing all the inspiration she needed, she set about organising this very simple, but colour rich photoshoot around the beauty of the blossom. A stunning peach gown by a stylist from Moscow sets off the purples and pinks. The lush greens of the forest provide a perfectly neutral base and illuminated by the sunlight, this combination of warm summer hues just comes to life. I for one will definitely be visiting next April to see Rome in blossom after today!

Rome in Blossom_0001 Rome in Blossom_0002Rome in Blossom_0003 Rome in Blossom_0004 Rome in Blossom_0005 Rome in Blossom_0006Rome in Blossom_0007 Rome in Blossom_0008 Rome in Blossom_0009Rome in Blossom_0010 Rome in Blossom_0011Rome in Blossom_0013Rome in Blossom_0014 Rome in Blossom_0015 Rome in Blossom_0012

Photography;Warmphoto | Model; Aminata | Make Up; Anna Ushakova | Ribbon; Silky Rivers | Dress; From Moscow

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