Our Rome Bride, Pamela talks transport today. Just how will she get to the church in style?!

Next on our wedding list of thing to oragnise is transport. Although our hotel is only a short walk from the church we have decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to walk to the church in the middle of July under the evening sun, up hill! A melting bridal party is not a good look!

We’ve had great fun looking at all the possibilities but we are still undecided. One decision we have agreed on is that we want to choose an Italian automobile. Italy has produced such beautiful and iconic designs we think it would only be fitting. When in Rome…

So what are our options;

Vespa ✈ I originally had visions of Alan and his groomsmen rocking up to the church on three vintage Vespas, so cool! When I think of this option it just puts a smile on my face, unforgettable. It would make for amazing photographs and I think our guests would get a great kick out of it. Can you imagine anything more romantic, or Italian, than turning up to your wedding reception on the back of a Vespa, arms around your new hubby? We would love to be this brave, although a lovely idea in practice possibly not quite so practical, I would fear for our lives riding through Rome’s hectic traffic.

Photographs from happyrent.com

Alfa Romeo ✈ Alan is a big fan of the classic Alfa Romeo and I have to admit I love them too. Roof down, sunglasses on, head scarf blowing in the wind! The iconic Alfa Romeo is such a chic car and looks like it’s straight out of a movie set. A two seater car, I think it would be the perfect choice for a couple arriving to the church together.

Photograph from sprintage.it

Fiat 500 ✈ I love love love these cars! I think the classic models are so fun and beautiful. If I lived in the city this would be my dream car. This is definitely the perfect choice if you want to arrive to the church in off beat style, so cute! They make for amazing photos and will definitely have your guests talking. My only concern with this options is if Alan, 6ft tall, will actually fit in one. It mightn’t be the most comfortable choice.

Photograph by Pamela Farrell

Fiat 600 Multipla ✈ We happened across these while looking at the Fiat 500 options and had a light-bulb moment, this is possibly the forerunner at the moment. The Fiat 500’s bigger but just as pretty sister. They’re still small, still cute, have the same curved lines as the Fiat 500 which I love so much but they are roomier and accommodate a driver and extra passengers. Perfect for driving our bridal party to the church. After our wedding I think it would be ideal for navigating us around the streets of Rome with our photographer and it will look great in pictures too! So as you can probably see it’s ticking allot of boxes but most of all we both just love it.

Photographs from happyrent.com

Piaggio Calessino ✈ When we fist saw this our eyes lit up. The same company that produces the iconic Vespa also produced these quirky limited edition three wheel carts. So perfect for a summer wedding, open air, roof up or down, they’re sure to turn heads. We wold love to have one of these for our wedding day, the question is do we use it for ourselves and our bridal party or do we have it on hand for our guests, older and those in heels, to shuttle them to and from the church and the restaurant. I think our guests would really appreciate this and would have great fun being driven around in such a quirky vehicle.

Photograph & Image from ghisu-autonoleggio.com

There are of course many other Italian alternatives to choose from for your wedding day transport, these are my top 5 picks, the options that really appeal to us.

So what are your thoughts, which is your favourite choice?

Featured image by Fly Away Bride

4 Responses

  1. Lisa O'Dwyer

    I love the Vespas and the last one, the Piaggio Calessino. So sweet and retro! Would make fantastic photos and memories. I remember living in Florence and hearing all of the little “bees” humming along the ring road. “Ape” is “bee” in Italian!

  2. flyawaybride

    Didn’t know that Lisa, very fitting name. Yep we love both too, the Vespa’s and Piaggio seem to be the most popular, think we’ll have to have a busy bee for our guests!

  3. Fabio

    If you would like to have a real Retro italian experience, try out the Fiat 500D CABRIO 1964, one of the very first version of fiat 500 but with the outstanding “plus” of the convertible top, that makes this car the real deal for those hho loves to be originals. As faithful lovers, we maintain the originality on every inside and outside detail. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ritornoal500/


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