Tawn and Ed eloped to Rome Italy last February for an intimate wedding ceremony on a beautiful terrace overlooking the city. After a toast against a backdrop of the Roman rooftops they headed out to have photos taken around Rome. Their chauffeured tour included an itinerary of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Teatro Cafe, Church of Santi Domenico e Sisto, finishing up as the sun set at Parco del Pincio. Their romantic elopement was captured by Andrea Matone.

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From Andrea: “The wedding preparations took place at Hotel Villafranca in Rome, while the groom and I mainly hung out waiting for the final touches. When the bride was ready, we set off to Hotel Forum where the team from Romeo and Juliet was waiting for us. The view from the balcony of the hotel was just stunning and we had the ceremony here. After exchanging vows and rings we celebrated the beautiful moment with a toast overlooking the city. We began the wedding portraits at the Colosseum: a must-include location when shooting in Rome (also just around the corner from the hotel). When we arrived the light was just right and we swiftly got all the shots we wanted. Our next stop was the famous Trevi Fountain- spectacular as always, and especially so after the recent renovation. People were particularly friendly and gave us space for our photos. Afterwards we moved to the Teatro Cafe where we made a pitstop for drinks. There was a Red Ferrari parked just out front so we got a few shots with that! We also called in to a beautiful church nearby. Our last destination was Parco del Pincio, which we reached at sunset, with its stunning view over the city- we got some really great shots there. The whole session was a lot of fun, getting pictures on our journey around Rome and trying out different photographic effects.”

Photography: Andrea Matone | Planning: Romeo and Juliet Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Louise Faulkner | Location: Hotel Villafranca | Venue: Hotel Forum | Submission via: Two Bright Lights

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  1. Tara

    How romantic! I’d love to run away to Rome and elope! I’d actually probably go to Ireland or Scotland. I love the idea of your wedding just being you and your husband. I hope when I get married my husband doesn’t want a big wedding!


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