Casey and Jordan married at the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen last year. They decided to elope as a traditional wedding didn’t suit their style, and both loving to travel, eloping was the perfect solution. Together with their photographers Nordica Photography, the couple spent a heavenly day strolling this beautiful Danish city while hundreds of onlookers and tourists wished them well. We have more below from bride Jordan on the details of their day. 

“The more Casey and I talked about marriage, the more eloping made sense for us. Traditional weddings are beautiful and we love going to them but they aren’t really our style. We both share an affinity for travel and plan for it to be a common theme in our marriage so why not start from the day we say “I do”?! The day started with a delicious breakfast at a cafe just down the street. Something light but enough to fuel us through our ceremony. We walked back to our apartment and finished getting ready. I took a breath out the window and noticed a man lurking around with a camera. I could only assume this was our photographer, Cole. I was right. Cole is one of the two photographers from Nordica Photography- destination photographers based out of Stockholm- that I would give my life for. If I had words adequate enough to describe their work or our experience working with Cole I would use them! Alas, my vocabulary is lacking.

So we met with Cole and spent just a little time getting to know each other, while also putting the finishing touches on our outfits. Before the ceremony the three of us walked just around the corner to Enghave Kaffee, just another perfect little cafe that houses the best chai I have ever experienced. Everyone in the cafe was so excited for us and the owner announced our upcoming nuptials to everyone in hearing distance as well as every incoming customer. Customers were congratulating us and striking up conversations. One employee from Australia was taking pictures of us and laughing with excitement for us. The owner refused to let us pay for our coffee and wished us the best of luck in our marriage! So there we were, just a couple of soon to be newlyweds and their personal photographer. We headed to the Thorvalsden Museum where we would soon become Mr. and Mrs.. We were early so naturally we had a pre-ceremony photo shoot around our breathtaking venue. We walked room to room absolutely jaw dropped at the sculptures! When it was time, we were called upstairs to make it offish. The entire ceremony took five minutes. We said I do, Casey smiled, I squealed and our officiant and provided witnesses giggled at our giddiness. We left with overflowing hearts and a Danish marriage certificate.

Our “wedding” was over but our day had just begun. With Cole by our side, we spent the rest of the day gallivanting around the streets of Copenhagen. We strolled the famous Nyhavn, walking along the edge of the canal and playing around on unaccompanied boats. Tourists and locals alike, “oooo’d and aaa’d” at us all day; clapping and cheering and taking pictures! Kid you not, I’m confident our pictures are sitting on a thousand random tourists’ iClouds right now. But seriously it was magical how excited people were for us. Our unplanned journey brought us to a little GoBoat rental where we rented and controlled our own little canal tour. Or should I say Cole controlled it while also jumping all over the boat the get perfect shots of us. Jack of all trades that guy is. We enjoyed our romantic little water ride for an hour before we moved onto the next event. Tivoli gardens was our next hot spot. Nestled in the middle of this bustling city, lies the second oldest theme park in the world. When we got in we regrouped with food, DUH, and began our hunt for the picture perfect (puns) spot. Ready and willing to do whatever worked for the shot, we climbed in and out of bushes, “avoided tourists, acted like tourists”, dodged security, then got caught by security. We hopped a gate not meant to be hopped, but they were nice enough to let us take our picture before they watched us climb back over and politely and super seriously told us to never do it again. For sure. Not a problem. We don’t live here. Anyway, after we left the park we strolled the streets once more, in and out of back allies and church stoops in search for the perfect spot to exchange our vows. Our spontaneous day with Cole ended with drink at yet another Cafe before he walked us to our apartment and bid us a bittersweet farewell. The sun set on our wedding day while we split agreeably the best pizza we’ve ever had in our lives, along with a luscious bottle of wine found at our nearest corner store! It was perfect, it was us, and we couldn’t imagine beginning the most exciting time in our lives any other way!”

Photography: Nordica Photography | Ceremony: Thorvaldsen Museum | Jordan’s Outfit: Revolve | Casey’s Trousers: Gap | Casey’s Shirt: American Eagle | Casey’s Shoes: Steve Madden | Flower Crown & Bouquet: Handmade by Jordan



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