Farrah and Tim, from London, eloped to the Gorges de l’Ardèche in France last September. The Gorges de l’Ardèche, also know as the “European Grand Canyon,” is a thirty kilometre long series of river gorges in south-central France, most of which is a protected natural reserve. Farrah and Tim fell in love with the area after visiting it and knew it was the perfect place for them to marry in. Their beautiful riverside wedding celebration took place with twelve of their closest friends and family, all captured by Ambre of Zephyr & Luna. Farrah and Tim’s couple portraits are full of atmosphere, captured as they were in the pouring rain in the nearby forest and on the river’s impressive beach. We just love the intimacy and joy that is so evident at this celebration, as well as the amazing riverside ceremony setting!

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“We met in the Recovery Theatre: it was instant ”love at first sight” for us both! He proposed to me in the very romantic fairytale-like little town of Bruges in Belgium. When we got to the hotel, our room was filled with flowers, rose petals on the bed and on the floor, and a bottle of champagne was in the corner. Tim got down on his knee and took out a very pretty engagement ring. It was the most wonderful feeling. He had also gotten a big love lock with our names, date and the words engraved, “she said yes” on it, which we took out and locked together in one of the romantic bridges in Bruges. It was a very happy and joyful moment! One year and nine months afterwards, we got married.


We stayed at the Campsite l’Ardéchois for ten days last year and fell completely in love with it. Surrounded by beautiful nature, it was so peaceful and filled with tranquility. We thought it was a very magical place to get married. And so it was!


The ceremony was way too emotional for me with everyone around. From the moment I started down the aisle I was filled with overwhelming emotions and just couldn’t help the tears from coming. It started when I saw my groom that I love and adore, then seeing the most wonderful place filled with beautiful flowers, and the tranquil river flowing beside us. It was too much to take in, an amazing dream I never thought was possible. With the family and friends who were there to see and experience it all with both of us. It was truly emotional! In between the clouds and rain, just when we said our vows, the heavens opened to shine this beautiful ray of sun upon us- to me was such a wonderful spiritual sign of love and holiness. Our first song was “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me” by Jacky Wilson. That was our song when we both confirmed our love for each other, it’s the soundtrack to our life and the drama that we’ve been through to be together.


My words of advice for future brides would be: spend lots of quality time together. Communicate and be open to whatever feelings that you have- both positive and negative. Always say loving things to each other, both in person and by texts and phone calls when you’re apart. Talk through any problems or troubles and don’t wait until the next day before solving issues. Laugh, laugh, laugh together til your tummy hurts! Kiss, hug and touch each other everyday. Give each other gifts- little, big, anything.”

Photography: Zephyr & Luna | Venue: Campsite l’Ardéchois, Vallon Pont d’Arc, Ardèche, France  | Dress Designer: British Homes | Suit Designer: Reiss | Stationery: VO Handmade

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  1. Mark White

    Wow this wedding looks fab. Such a great idea to get married next to the river and some of those rock formations are truly epic.

  2. John

    I really like all of the nature in these photos. The riverside scenery makes for a breathtaking view, and the use of darker purple colors as an accent adds to it all without taking anything away from the very natural theme. Thanks for sharing!


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